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N/A | National Go To School

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by aearthnick, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I have ridden a lot of track days this year, about two a month. It has been my first year of track riding so the white group at Eastern Creek has been my status and moving onto yellow just recently. Then I did advanced 1 California Super bike School, holy crap my riding has moved up to a sky scraper level. I can't believe the change in my riding skills, the confidence, style and speed has gone ballistic.
    Yesterday and the day before has been the first time back since California School and by the end of that period I have found myself in front of all the riders. Over taking, knee down on just about every corner, faster & safer in the turns and moving onto the Green group.
    You just have to do these courses, everyone who has will tell you it is life changing. I found it hard to sleep last night just thinking about carving up the turns the last couple of days. Really worth doing.

  2. if you love it so much why don't you go and marry it.
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  3. You would benefit from it too I'm sure, maybe when you're fling through the air doing a high side you can say to yourself in the split seconds you have left before hitting the ground. I wish I did an advanced motorcycle skills course.
  4. or i can be content knowing i enjoyed life regardless....i may do one one day....but if my number is called in the meantime so be it....

    remember....you can have all the training in the world too...doesn't stop you from being levelled by a truck runnin you over from behind...i prefer my street/real life experience for now...i know my limits and only ride small bikes.

    sorry for derailing thread - please continue riding the superbike schools nuts.
  5. If you go into these courses thinking the experience will save you from strif on the track, you got another thing coming. I'm not saying it's not worth it, but it's not a failsafe.

    I think Casey Stoner is an advanced rider.. he may have taken a few courses in his time.. didn't help much tho...

  6. I'm not blinded by the fact that these courses are the silver bullet to your future riding ability but they are a good starting point, a tool. As the instructor said at the end of the course "your training begins now".
    You guys don't have to be harsh, I'm just telling you of my experience and how the course helped me and maybe help those who need an injection in improved riding ability. It doesn't have to be California either any help from skilled instructors is a good move. I most certainly needed the help after crashing last year breaking ribs and destroying my bike (very similar to the picture above).
    I'm not young as you guys, I'm 61 year old riding a track R1, riding hard, fast, knee down, scrapping toes and fcuken loving it. I'm not sitting on a couch with a fat gut and yeah when my times up i'll be an action man all the way.
    Hip Hip
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  7. I wasnt being harsh - just chucking a bit of reality in there for people like me (not so young) but inexperienced and thought at one point courses were the be all/end all of learning.

    Cudos to you doing what you do :) Can't say I'm not a wee bit jealous!
  8. I did the CSS Level1 recently too - an absolutely excellent day. Improvements everywhere in my riding.
  9. Looking forward to it.. Jan 12, PI. yay.
  10. Thanks Syd
    I'm on such a high from the past few days I just wanted to share it with my new Netrider family. I've really been trying so had to get to the level I'm at now and all of a sudden I've seen the light. Hope the batteries run for years to come.
    Merry Christmas guys
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  11. Didn't improved your looks. I hope you don't look like that picture you have as a logo
  12. Good to hear positive things about it. I'll be booking in the first three levels to be done three days consecutively after Xmas.
    I did my first track day in November and the second booked in for the 12th of January... I'm only running in the white group but with no oncoming traffic, police radar, Sunday drivers or any conceivable hazard other than running wide you can push comfortably without anything to worry about.
    It's something everyone should experience.
  13. Lol lee...you just appreciate that he thinks your a youngin'

    i was shit stirring you OP...you bit back...yada yada yada....i'm glad you enjoyed your training and i have been advised by a older cousin very much the same as what you have but i'm still of the same mindframe - my fat gut is thanks to the ms's...i used to be a slender 60kgs ! now i'm a fat whore :-(
  14. Du
    Dude, if you go around a tack enough times at pace of course you have a good chance of coming off. Saving your ass from ever having that experience isn't the point. Track coaching days are an awesome way to improve your skills, make you faster quicker, and make track days and your road riding even more fun. There's no better way to improve your skills and take your riding to the next level, than learning from people with a shitload of experience. But no matter how much training you do there's always going to be risk involved. I'm sure anyone with half a brain knows that.
  15. wow....your first post on netrider is a subtle dig at another members post...being hot isn't a free pass everywhere dear *Shakes head* ...Hi & welcome to netrider by the way.
  16. Thank you.. I guess. I figure anyone that makes a subtle dig can take a subtle dig. I have a terrible compulsion to say what I think.
  17. no...realistically i am sorry...was abit over the top myself there, early morning n all ...as much as alot of the older members never bothered it's still considered to be in good taste to create a introduction thread to say hi and let us know abit about your backround (also helps if you ask for help later on if say we know what bike you ride or blah blah blah)

    regardless you have every right to say what you said....just seemed abit rich for a first post is all
  18. I'm like that. If you ever turn around to a slap in the face, it's probably just me saying hello. No, not really.. I didn't notice an introductions section as in other forums.
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  19. My bad. Now I see the welcome lounge. Would have been much easier to digest as my second post. ;-)
  20. you probably could've even tried merging the two post's ! so it could've still been your first.