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Go speed racer Go ! new cbx 250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by 87crisis, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. lol she's by no means a smoking gun in the speed department...but there's some charm about the old bugger...i've since decided i'll be looking to fix the gear lever and doing my p's on this bike (once i can manage to track one down...anyone know if i can use any other bike's gear lever on one?) as she's great at slow speed manouvering compared to the zzr...and her small size and thin wheels make tight turns a breeze


    battery was dead so the owners parents (owner was elsewhere) helped me charge and then clutch start it (ya learn something new everyday hey - i've never had the need to do it before)....then as it was a flat road where i filled up...the woman had to give me a hand with the push start..poor girl...but thanks to the battery still being so low i rode home (35kms or so) with no headlight, blinkers, brake light, instrument cluster lights...so until i was out of the semi-rural part & back into civilisation with streetlights i had no idea what speed i was doing (had a rough idea but couldn't tell exactly as could only barely see the pin position on the dash)

    then to top it all off ...the woman was behind me in a car the entire trip...lighting up the road infront of me for parts of it....few minutes from home i dip into a side street where i know we'll meet up again around the corner...she comes out onto the street i'm on and i speed upto speed limit (was slowed up seeing if a mates car was out front n him being home) ...and she had a cop car behind her that waited for me to go past before turning onto the street....right behind me...i have no headlights...brake lights indicators...no L plates...No Rego...they followed me onto the main road before i turned off on the side street that leads to my place...and they kept on going on the main road....apparently they had something better to do...thank ****.

    me being a idiot aside...the bike

    -Slow ****er...i expect at absolute best i might be lucky to get 130kms out of her
    -skinny tyre's aren't as forgiving as the bigger buggers on the zzr
    - need to do the fork seals and find replacement gear lever
    -the kill switch is abit touchy at points (can sometimes start bike with killswitch on)

    -actually has a on-off switch for the headlight
    -great guns for commuting...handle's beautifully at slow speeds 60kms ect
    -the seat is suprisingly comfortable i must say
    - considering it's a 1988 bike...the suspension is remarkably good

    OVERALL....i paid $650 for a great little gem...i'm still a kawasaki whore...but this bike was worth it...considering getting a mate to do up a sticker with speed racer behind the wheel with "GO SPEED" written across the top to put on around the tank...the bike is nowhere near fast...but seem's fitting for a speed racer theme

    THIS !
    only if i'm able to remove it without much hassle if the buyer wants when i do finally sell it

    yes...i suck...but - i love lamp. :dance:
  2. We chuckled a lot when Honda named this bike; we (rightly) associated the CBX prefix with the mighty 1000cc six :LOL:
  3. Looks like a cool little bike, always good to get a bargain. Plus I enjoy looking at these 80's bike and thinking with a bit of TLC, they could come out as good as they were 30 wears ago! (Well perhaps not in power...)

    Hope you enjoy her.
  4. Nice pickup. Should serve well for her to get the basics down. I imagine it would be quite light as well.
  5. pretty sure the dry weight is 116kgs to memory
    and yeah captain i'd like to get her back upto scratch to keep her in good nick for her to be passed onto the next learner after the ms's
  6. hmm ill check about the gear lever tommorow,
    suspect that it may be shared with a few honda models.....
    i love that fairing though. would put the cowling on the vtr if it fitted (albiet with a smaller screen and without the indicators)
  7. aslong as we're clear that i'm after the gear lever/shifter...not the clutch lever like im coming across on countless websites - quite frustrating...so if you do find out any info regarding that spenaroo i'd be more than eager to hear about it

    also sorry hornet...i can only look upto the 1000cc bikes like primary school kids look upto high school kids that smoke ciggarette's...so your reference is above my head...glad you got a chuckle out of it though

    i'm also realising a trend here...my first bike...1998 model...2nd bike...1994....3rd bike...1988 ....what will i get next i wonder....i've long since noticed that there are far too many bikes on offer to get myself set on one...take it as it comes..much like this bike..i might have to put abit of money into it..but it's still a new experience...a new class of bike to me...if i can manage to pick up the odd bike (generally favouring the older bikes) every year or two to fix up n' play around with for awhile before selling it on then i can only imagine i'd be a better rider long term for it...

    saying that....FOOKING...smashed the zzr thru a mini racetrack like suburb earlier tonight...after a hour or so on the cbx and having a different perspective on cornering i adapted parts of it into my riding on the zzr - cleaned up most of the main road ..at..a faster pace than normal is all i'll say.

  8. yep, gear shift lever,

    know what you mean with the years......
    i keep buying 86's for some reason
  9. ok i checked the gear lever at work this morning.......

    sorry youre not going to like it.
    the shifter lever (the half you put your foot on) genuine is $100
    the rubber for it is $4
    the shifter tie rod (pole that joins the two halves) is $14
    and finally the shifter arm (the part that attatches to the spline from the gearbox) is $85.45

    so if you were to replace that assembly its around $205

    for those who are wonder why so expensive heres the parts catalouge,
    see how its in pieces like a cruiser. (parts quoted are 1,2,3,12) normally a sports or commuter bike will have the lever as one solid piece from the gearbox spline to the foot rubber. because of this im unable to find an aftermarket alternative. so the cheapest option is to try wreckers.

    on a side note, thought the engine looked familiar (owned and partly restored an 1986 xr250rg) its the same engine (crankases etc..) used in the xr200, xr250, xl200, xl250. but it different (changed) internals (piston, bore, crankshaft, cams)... now if only honda released another xr250 using the new cbr250's engine
  10. They have, but it's a CRF in the general purpose mold rather than an edgy dirt model -