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Go Pro too much? Use your smartphone!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 12RS, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I made this uding a $79 mount from Camzilla and a waterproof bag from Paddys Markets - got the flyer somewhere is anyone's interested. I need to make small holes for the charger and headphones somewhere though to minimise any water ingress. I need to fix the 'waving' motion caused when the bike's idling somehow though.

    Here's some footage I took on that lovly Sunday when you were all out hooning down Putty Rd. Best watched on 720p if you have the bandwidth.


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  2. I like the heatwave effect.

    Someone might want to comment because I'm unsure, but is having your phone vibrate constantly like that harmful to the phone itself - like the parts in it?
  3. That mount is a fail
    Maybe someone has a better idea
    Vibration and the well its not very
    Discreet ..
  4. I'm working on the vibrations thing and as far as discreet goes - have you ever seen a chump hooning arount with a gopro on his head? It's quite comical.

    Tough crowd here.
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  5. all the best mate. I tried for a long time with a small Fuji camera and with a Kodak Playsport. Used handlebar clamps and tank suction mounts(the latter was better) but no way I could get rid of the wavy effect which would come both at slow speed and at warp speed. Was lucky enough to get a Gopro at a discount and tried it with both the suction clamp on the tank and a sticky mount on the front fairing - just brilliant. That terrible wavy effect gone. Obviously the GOPRO has some inbuilt antivibration thing.
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  6. Hmm. Maybe i'll just use it for GPS and music purposes. I don't really ride in a 'spirited' manner worthy of filming anyway. Cheers.