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Go pro mounting

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ageg, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Hey peeps.

    I tried the search for good places to mount my new go pro but I think the search feature Dosent work too well on tapatalk.

    Ah ho. Was just after some places to mount the go pro, obviously I know on my helmet but is on top better or on the side or even on the bike?. Just want some opinions. Also, any tips on getting a good shot straight away or is it, set it up, ride, check on computer and adjust as needed?.


    P.s added photos about search feature so I don't get flamed.[​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. Front tyre.
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  3. Before deciding, consider whether you want the speedo in view or not.......
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  4. Helmet mount makes you look slow and is pretty high up. The Go Pro chest mount is best for upright sitting. Tank mount doesn't work well on my bike, the dash blocks the view but might be alright on a sportier bike. The windscreen/front mudguard vibrate too much so you can't mount them there. Chin mount looks alright too, not as high as the helmet.
  5. not keen on the go-pro chest mount, though it works well.
    don't want it inside my chest worst case scenario.
    plus theres a metal tab high on the back of the harness. don't really want that severing my spine.

    helmet i like because it looks where you look;
    and gives a wider field of vision.
    plus can get good shots of a group you're riding with if you follow them downhill and stand on your seat.

    the best way to dampen the vibes is on your person, head incl.
    i have a mount on one of the straps on my backpack that works really well.
    it's also i've found the most convenient placement, because the backpack goes with me when i'm of the bike. i usually leave helmet and gloves where parked and i can't be bothered removing the cam from the helmet everytime i park somewhere.
  6. I stick mine on top of my tank only problem with this is it shows my speedo otherwise I suction cup mount it to the side of my fairings...gives you a nice low angle and makes you look like you're going 'fast' lol.

    Didn't mind it on top of my helmet just annoyed me sometimes with a bit to much wind drag. But I found I got better footage with it that way.
  7. I reckon for us here in Aus (ride on the LHS of the road) then mounting it on the RHS of the helmet would be pretty damn good.
  8. Cops don't need your speedo to book you anyway, they can do point to point timing can't they?
  9. Here's something I prepared earlier...

    It alternates throughout the video from a go pro mount directly on top of a helmet (makes you look like a ********) and one mounted on a tank mount (one purchased off ebay for about $30).

    The video itself is not too exciting.

    Edit* Bike is a Cbr600.
  10. Poor guy at Paxton's Camera. Bought a Contour Roam and didn't like the wind noise and lack of changing settings in the field. Took it back and got a Contour GPS...lens leaked. Got another one...lens not fully sealed and ended up stripping the lens screw. Took it back and got a GoPro. Now I have a camera that doesn't have all those problems and I can mount it so many more places than the stock contour except where the contour worked flawlessly...on the side of my helmet :). Anyways...just venting.

    Love the GoPro but the helmet options are pretty bad. I tried mounting it on top and that resulted in my head being pulled back on the highway. Mounted it on the side upright and that was ok but almost looked more naff than on top and still had wind drag. I had a good location where I mounted it upside down hanging off the right chin potion on the helmet...but I could not turn my head properly without the camera hitting my shoulder. I'm surprised I don't have more nicks on my helmet from taking mounts on and off. As I am not too concerned with point of view for my commute...mounted it on the front windshield with the suction cup so it was positioned pretty much inbetween the mirrors and that works great. There is no wind noise and you get lots of engine sound...must be an air pocket. It does shake a bit with the suspension but not too much. Tried to make it even more simple to remove by putting it on the windscreen using a flat mount and j buckle mount but that resulted in the mount rattling. I think I am going to alternate between the suction cup on windscreen option and upside down on the side of the helmet. Now on to my next project...mounting it on my dog for the park or bike ride.

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  11. ^ @ Popollo.......... good for you, just one thing you seem to have forgotten mate..........

    a safety tether
  12. Seems like someone else at my work told me the same thing today. A tether is on my list but figure I need to really decide on the best permanent locations before I start sticking even more stuff all over the place. My roll of scotch heavy duty double sided tape is dwindling.

    Even the GoPro official tether pads don't seem to have a quick release latch or anything. Would be nice to find a nice mini heavy duty suction cup for that since I move it around so much.
  13. For helmet-mounting I put my GoPro high up on the "chin" of my helmet, upside down with the hinge of the mount/gopro just underneath my visor (with the UPd setting to invert the video footage), using a self-adhesive pad and the curved clip supplied with the Motorsports kit. Upside down because then the hinge of the mount allows the camera to point "upwards" a little so it's actually level when I'm riding.

    Makes the camera very close to my sightline without increasing drag or hanging off obnoxiously.

    I read one ADVRider thread where a VStrom owner had his under the "chin" of the Vstrom. Which was going great until he struck a particularly deep pothole and the front mudguard crushed the camera. :p

    Safety tether is critical for the suction-cup mounts, but not so for the self-adhesive ones. :)
  14. I tried that one as well and I was rather excited at the prospect. However, I didn't think the curved or flat mount conformed to my helmet there well enough to trust staying there. I may try it again. I just didn't see a sufficient amount of contact going on. It doesn't help that I have no more official 3M VHB backing on any of my curved mounts.
  15. There's curved mounts??? Hmmm I must of over looked them lol.
  16. @ 'ageg'........ a slight curvature on several of the stick-on mounts it came with mate......

    @ 'Po'........a simple bit of twine will get you out of trouble mate with a loop on one end and knotted through the door appature of the go-pro on the other......
    Loop it over your bars when using the suction cup...............or around your throat maybe when on your helmet :p LoL
  17. In the Motorsports kit you get 3x flat adhesive "clips" and 3x slightly-curved adhesive "clips".

    But more specifically I'm talking about the slightly curved bracket that that include with the GoPro motorsports kit.

    Here, lemme find a photograph. (Attached)

    The mounting bracket has a bit of a 'curl' to it, to allow the GoPro to face perpendicular relative to the clip it's attached to.

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  18. Lol geez im blind... I was wondering why I had 2 sets of 3... One sort of rectangle and the other rectangle with curved edges... Thats why it's not sitting 100% flush... Will teach me for trying to do it at 3am haha thanks guys, also thanks for the mounting tips and stuff, can't wait to go for a biff with it on and see how im traveling.