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Go Pro Mounting on Motorbike For Overseas Trip

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by WantFreedom, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am looking at heading overseas in March / April for some travel in Vietnam looking at completing a Northern Loop starting a Hanoi and finishing at Hanoi maybe allowing 3-4 weeks and I imagine the roads will be bumpy and rough but they will be all paved or dirt no offroad as I'll be on some shitty bike lol

    I am hoping you guys can help, I want to capture footage from the motorbike from various angles obviously of the bike travelling, scenery etc by using a go pro or another camera does anyone have any tips for the best place to mount these things on a bike to capture smooth footage shooting at 1080p/60?

    I imagine there will be alot of vibration and I'm almost wondering if its even worth trying to capture the footage from a motorbike as the footage may ruin the video, I will be multiple cameras to capture video from places I visit, walking around the street, scenery etc so I am hoping to compile all this footage from the cameras into a few short videos.

    I have no experience with go pro I plan on purchasing one to put on my bike and test it out to get some experience before going overseas, I would love any tips on mounting the camera for the smooth fresh video if possible? obviously being in Vietnam I can mount the camera on my helmet lol


  2. Check YouTube for various angles etc. Go pro probably has a 'tips' page as well. Use decent mounts that will help with vibration.
  3. Most people are using gimbal stabilisers units, mounted either on the helmet or somewhere appropriate on the bike with a suction cup mount or similar.
    Google "gimbal stabiliser motorcycle" for some examples. We're even starting to see drone mounts being fashioned/repurposed for bikes.
    Eg. Gimbals for Phantom 2 Vision - :: stunningmovement ::
  4. WantFreedomWantFreedom i just got back from a motorbike trip in vietnam. HCMC-Na Trang-Da Lat-HCMC loop (because mates had already done the north). I take it by shitty bikes you're hiring locally? Find out what bikes you'll be riding so you can prepare the right mounts. I couldn't mount mine anywhere on our Yamaha ybr125s and I forgot to stick a mount to my helmet before i left so had to resort to using only the extendable pole (basically a selfie stick) which was fine for higher speed stuff, low and high perspectives riding one handed but i couldn't capture any of the slow speed city chaos.
  5. Suggest to use a chest mount as this will use you own body to absorb a lot of bumps etc. Helmet Cams are only good if you have a steady calm head, some people are always looking around and with a camera attached it is like waving a hose about, it looks bad. Everything will be vey slow in vietnam, so take lots of different shots at different locations to add variety to the video.