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Go-Pro Helmut cam

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kurse, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Just wondering if anyone on here owns or knows someone who's used one of those Go-Pro helmut cams. They have a 1080p one that looks pretty good. How do you think they'd go in a stack? Coppers would no doubt give you a hard time if they pullled you up, cause having fun on your motorbike is [as we all know] highly illegal.

    Anyone ride with a video camera mounted sometimes?

  2. I sometimes ride with my Panasonic SDR-SW20. It’s not a far off color of my bike, so it looks ok.

    But yes if I have an off while having a spirited ride, I would like someone to throw it in the bush for me.
  3. I've got one of the standard GoPros, with the zoom lense.
    really wish I had the HD one intead. it's good, but detail is pretty low.
    someone cut me off yesterday while I was wearing it, and I couldn't even make out their licence plate even though they were in front of me. haven't been pulled over by the cops while wearing it, but it's great at the beach. wolfs through batteries though
  4. Where were you thinking of buying it from??
  5. Peter Stevens Sinner. I get discounts cause I'm special [I lick windows]
  6. You want the helmet one or the mut one? :D
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    I have one. Made a few clips with it, have a look at [URL="]this clip I made[/URL].

    Also [URL="]This One[/URL]

    Or [URL="]This one.[/URL]

    These were made with the wide angle version. Best mounted on the bike. If you mount it on your helmet it looks different.

    Its a great little camera BTW!!
  8. Thanks heaps Jd! I'll pick one up myself this week. How much did you pay for yours?
  9. i've got an HD gopro. I'm very happy with it. The case makes it very strong, my mate stupidly dropped mine and it took a chunk out of the cover but the camera is fine. If I can find some footage of 'PG rated' riding then i'll post it up. If the cops ever stop me i'm going to rip the memory card out and swallow it lol.

    Edit: only complain that I have is I had trouble finding a compatable memory card it wont recognise certain brands, I even used a card they recommended and it still didn't take it (kingston 16gb). I've got 2 8gb verbatem cards now and its all good.

    I use a univsersal mount that bolts to my fuel tank by using the tripod mount accessory that gopro sell. I've also mounted it off the side of my fairing with the suction cup which works well and looks awesome.
  10. :rofl:
  11. check out 'launch' web site it think, it is the aussie import site, they have the go-pro ( i have on older one) as well as a few new ones, the orange wit the screen and remote looks good, although have not seen the out put quality..
  12. If you can post some vids UDLOSE that would be ken-swoit.
  13. Bought my Go-pro , the hd one. So you haven't had any problems with it coming off your bike UDLOSE? Suction cup on the side of your fairing, how would that go with some rough monos and 'track' riding? Is there a way can mount it on the SIDE of my helmut? Also the Harley rider who posted up some vids, where was that cam mounted and how did you do it?
  14. Also, sorry a couple more questions. If I'm recording with full 1080p will it still last the 2 hrs and 25 mins? When chargin it, the red light came on and stayed on for a bit, then turned off after like 5 mins if that. Is it still charging? I've noticed the connection of the charger to the camera is a bit dodgy, wish it would click all the way in instead of dangling half out. Almost seems like it's not charging.
  15. Hey sorry dude I just reviewed the videos, nothing good can come of me posting them online, I cop enough shit on here as it is.. :facepalm:

    In the slow footage you can see the relfection of my speedo on my screen and you can see that im speeding at times so I don't want to post it (damn 60kph limit on old road).

    I'd like to make a video that I can put online to show people though. I'll just tape over my speedo and ride at a reasonable speed and it'll be ok.

    Here's some screen grabs of the videos though. This is comparing modes, I made this for my own benefit a while ago. Note that the top 2 pics, the camera is mounted in the exact same place, what a difference in FOV.

    In top to bottom order:
    r3 - 60fps wide angle
    r5 - full hd mode
    r4 - default mode - non wide angle (note different bike and higher mount position)

    I found the best mode is r2 which is the same as r3 but 30fps (takes up less storage space without sacrificing image quality).

  16. So far I've only had the guts to take it around the block with the camera hanging off the side. It seems very sturdy though. I'm a bit worried about monos incase I wimp out and cut the throttle (hard landing). I just took a grab from my fairing mount video. I'm going to try and devise some kind of safety line for it like tie some fishing line around the mount and to the frame of the bike to save it if the suction cup lets go.

    I think the 2.5 hours is refering to max storage not battery life? I thought the claimed battery life is 4 hours? I've always ran out of storage before I run out of battery. I used to only have a 2gb card (hence the no slow riding footage, i'd set it up and go for my life). Now with the 2x 8gbs i can just leave it running alot more. Don't waste your money on a 16gb I did and couldn't get it to work 2x 8gbs works out cheaper anyway.

    When you plug it into USB the red light comes on that means its charging and when it goes out its full (if in doubt check the batt level indicator on the display). But if you turn the camera on whilist charging (ie to get the files off it) it will cease to charge. You have to turn it off then replug the usb to get the red light back on. I learnt that the hard way.

    PS: I found I don't like 1080p due to its field of view, I guess it depends where your mounting it though, I usually record in the wide angle mode 720p i think.

    With helmet mount did you get the brackets with the 3M adhesive stuff on them? Get and old helmet and stick one of those to it, then you can attach the camera anytime you like. I don't think i'd stick it to my $1000 shoei though..

  17. Thanks for the pics man.

    I bought a 16gb card works fine. Tested it this arvo. Panasonic brand. I had to plug it into the TV port with the sound icon on the side on the camera as opposed to the HDTV port which came up black with white lines.

    I'm gonna stick it onto my good helmut cause even my good helmut needs replacing lol. Doing the adhesive sh$t, I'll let you know how I go. I bought it for one thing, so I'm gonna use it for that one thing....pornos LOL j/k

    It goes on about how strong the adhesive sh$t is on the instructions and that even in cold weather it sticks fine but to give it 12 hours for the adhesive to set in. I'll do just that and if it comes off I'll track down the creators and kill them accordingly. The footage I found on the net on their site is of Skiing using the adhesive stuff so if it can hold up to that I'd imagine it'd go ok.
  18. Who do you keep referring HELMET as HELMUT?
  19. Awesome it will be interesting to see how the helmet cam comes out. I might stick one onto my old "Nitro" helmet and give it a go. I look forward to seeing your footage (if you can get away with it). Don't forget to cover your speedo, gives u more chance of being able to show the footage off.

  20. Cause I'm part German.

    UDLOSE, after toying with some cam spots on my hel MUT!!!!!!!!!! I've found an awesome spot, makes you look like robocop too :p. Plus is in such a spot that even if you're to put it on a good hel MUT it wouldn't make a huge diff top notice. Hold the hel MUT visor facing away from you, put your finger just below the visor on the 'jaw' of the hel MUT and then come back on the right hand side about 1-2 cms. Is perfect!

    I'm stoked, can't effing wait to try it out!