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Go pro group buy eoi

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ONE, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Mods please feel free to move this if its in the wrong place it felt like the best place to put it but you may disagree.

    Seems as i didnt get in on the last group buy,
    Ive been intersted in getting a cam and have decided on the go pro.
    Ive been in contact with Www.getonitsports.com.au about a group buy.
    With the group buy we get a set number agree on price then he gives us a coupon to use at checkout and everyone gets theres sent directly to them instead of to one person.
    Also each person pays directly to www.getonitsports.com.au so you dont have to worry about money they take credit card or eftpos.

    So is anyone intrested???
  2. Tentatively at this stage. Finances are low but a gopro is on my list.

    Will keep an eye on this thread to see how it develops.
  3. I spose i'm up for it, we are talking about ordering online aren't we?

    Thought about it for a while, especially with the way certain regulars act on my commute, it could be handy... not to mention beginning a film course some stock footage could be fun to play with.
  4. depending on funds & price im in :)

    Been wanting one of these for a while and also missed the last group buy
  5. Good idea Trent, I'm a definite maybe.
  6. Depends on date and price.
  7. I think I should keep away from this thread, so I don't feel like I paid too much for mine. :) But I must say get on it offered me a good deal at the time even thought it was a single guy.
  8. Depends on time and price for me. I'll also ask around to increase numbers/lower price.
  9. Tentative, depending on time & price also.
    Cheers Trent.
  10. I could be in also provided price is right.
  11. deffo in, Im kicking myself that I missed the last one.
  12. depneding on price, i'd be in
  13. Also interested depending on price. Thanks for organizing.
  14. Ok so we got a bit of intrest so would 2 weeks be good or maybe a bit longer??
    Im not desperate to get one but would like to get it soon.
    Straight off the website for the go pro hero motorsports hd it is $367.50

    I wont post the discounted price on here il pm whoever wants one the price.
  15. well i think everyone in this thread would like to know the group price....
  16. i have just posted on another bike forum if anyone there is interested..will let you know how it goes
  17. definitely PM the price to me, it's better if you can give an idea on that so people decide to opt in or out sooner rather than later.
  18. thats 13 on here sofar and 3 on the other forum....depending on price
  19. If we get those 16 people and get a group price for that number, what happens if its still too much for some of them? will it go up if they drop out?