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Go-PRO Cameras $277 Delivered

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Takamii, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. special on ebay for go - pro cameras


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  2. Been waiting for a deal like this on the GoPro's. Just got it, super excited!!
  3. This now, or Sony Action Cam in a month or two...... Desperately awaiting gopro vs Sony review
  4. less than 50% left... sure you wanna wait for the review...
  5. Actually ... only 84 outdoor versions left !!
  6. Just got mine, thanks for the heads up!
  7. I noticed they do not have the motorsports version which is what most here would want?

    The difference is the accessories - you get the suction mount with the motorsports.

    Just a heads up for those that are not aware.
  8. Some info HERE

    Does look good though.
  9. I don't know, the sony looks moe sleek, less wind resistance? What should I get aye?
  10. :arrow: UPDATE: Listed on the Sony Australia website though as 'Coming Soon' - Click HERE

    Pricewise a bit steep compared to US prices.
  11. Hi all I bought the GoPro Helmet edition a while ago & think it doesn't matter which model you buy as you'll end up getting all the other attachments later anyway. The only issue I have had while filming on a bike is wind noise or when handling the camera while filming. The suction cup adapter is OK but it still vibrates a bit when fitted to the fairing of my bike though not really noticed when watching it back. The suction cup is incredibly strong too. The rollcage adapter is great for fitting to frames or forks for different camera angles.

    I now have loads of footage & have to edit out the boring bits

    PS If you miss out on this deal, they are around the same price on KOGAN.com.au
  12. Contour just released a new combination of their camera today too...no price list yet but probably too expensive like their Contour+ was.
  13. Do the have an "Oxford" model? One which automatically deletes material deemed to be rubbish? it would save some time.......
  14. Grabbed one :D now to I must begin to ride and chat about inane subjects and the like
  15. do it on a supermoto
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  16. Ninja 250 like everyone else!