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Go Pro and Learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Luna, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. I had a hunt around on the forums and couldn't see that this has been raised before but forgive me if I'm reinventing the wheel.

    I'm a learner (soon to be going for my p's) and I was considering getting myself a go pro. The restrictions on l's and p's in NSW states that:

    Provisional riders must not use any functions of a mobile phone, including hands-free devices.

    So therefore, would a mic for a go pro be classed as a 'hands-free device'? Logic tells me no but I would hate to get in trouble from the fuzz for it.

    I was going to call the RTA but thought I might ask here first.

  2. Serious question. Why do you want a Go Pro?
  3. GoPro doesn't have a mic input. You may be thinking of the other helmet cam thing that is more bullet shaped (can't recall its name).

    Otherwise, it's not a mobile phone and it's not a hands free for a mobile phone so as long as you don't fail the attitude test I don't see the problem.
  4. is this a troll ???
  5. For the record I don't want it for tomorrow, I was thinking of one for post-p's riding. Numerous reasons why I want one but the 2 mains are:

    Skills improvement - be nice to review trips to see where I can improve; and
    Evidence - already had one loon jump at me from the road and a number of taxi/cage merging on me so it would be nice to have it recorded better than my memory.

    You are 100% correct, I was thinking of one of those helmet cam things that are bullet shaped.

    I know it isn't a mobile or communication device but it got me thinking about cameras mounted on helmets with the ability to record audio and if the cops would count it as a distraction for a rider.

    Not 100% sure what a troll is but it sounds unpleasant. Sorry, if I didn't explain myself properly. I was munching lunch whilst posting. ](*,)
  6. since they are out of sight unless you are looking at yourself in the mirror, you don't need to touch it while moving and it doesn't play any sound while recording, i don't see why it shouldn't be fine. if anything the cops would be happy for you to have it because it would make their jobs easier in the event of a collision
  7. Or to use in evidence against you when you post up your latest blast on You Tube or Netriders.
  9. I suspected as much, thanks Kernel.

    Ha - I will use it for good instead of evil.

    Good point ... I was more thinking about road position whilst cornering but point taken.
  10. You say that now, but wait until you are fully licensed on your GSXRZXRCBRR1 blasting through the hills.
  11. that's one hell of a bike!
  12. And that's only in 4cylinder japaneese mode.
  13. Ye of little faith ... :angel:
  14. Come back and tell me that in a years time......
  15. Deal! Date logged.
  16. Just get one. You DO need help from experienced and skilled riders PRIMARILY, but a go pro is still a good tool for self training, provided you know what you SHOULD be doing, so you can learn.
  17. The new go pros do have a mic input btw