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Go Play In The Traffic Kid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MelbourneMick, May 23, 2012.

  1. and here is the footage on youtube

  2. What's incredible is that they all drove past, actually avoiding the kid as if it was normal rather than stopping and getting the kid out the way....
  3. Baby: What do you mean your pulling me over? This is a nanny state! Now take me back to my nanny.
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  4. It's China. They ignore everything. Corpses, kids on toy motorbikes...
  5. Cop only pulled him over to fine him for "not going in the direction of traffic".
  6. I get that, I've been to various parts of Asia a few times so anything goes. Usually they do have at least some sense to not just let kids run into traffic.

    That link says it all really - almost no one going to help a toddler.
  7. Future World Superbike Champion for sure, on a serious note holly cow thank god he wasn't cleaned up their roads over there are crazy.
  8. He already rides better than half the idiot drivers around here..
  9. One toddler has undone the entire safety industry.
  10. Geez, If it had happened here in Victimoria, The scooter would be impounded, the kid would be charged with Unlicenced riding, Unreg vehicle, Riding in a manner dangerous to the public, Lane splitting and Failing to give way, Bike would get a Canary too. (headlight n/w).
  11. kids a squid.
  12. Just for the record... I'd throw one into the news reporter on the left at the start of the video...
  13. Whatever it takes so you don't have to listen to that voice
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