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Go karting

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GoTeam, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. How many places in Melbourne are similar to this one (where I normally go) http://www.gokarts.net.au/?

  2. Thanks. Is anyone interested in going sometime on the weekend of 6-7 Jan 2007?

    They've got crash bars and seat belts fitted to them! Hahaha. Its probably not a bad idea because I've been t-boned a couple of times before.
  3. was going through that site on the brizzy track 100kph down the straight!?!
    That's awesome.

    interested... if NR gets a big group in on this. I missed the last one organised by miss_dj.
  4. The karts you start on at Archerfield Speed Karts are good for about 80km/h down the pit and front straights and down the back twisty section as well. If you do four consecutive laps at better than 48 seconds then you qualify to use the next fastest karts (90km/h). I had a decent kart the last time I was there but it was slightly damaged due to someone before me spinning out and damaging it so it had something dragging (you could see sparks coming off it). The pit crew pulled me in after I'd done three quick laps (47.8, 47.1 then a 46.5) and was starting my fourth. They made me change karts and it was a slower one which oversteered badly.... pricks! They didn't fix it and someone used it in the next session and didn't get called in.

    They've got the best karts and track in Brisbane (my friends and I are set to go on 30 Dec) and you can keep it flat for just about the whole track if you get a good kart. It looks like Ace Karts at Sunshine is as good as it'll get in Melbourne from the Yellow Pages search I did. Its a little bit of a hike from our side of town though. They suck with their membership ($10 and lasts one year).

    I'd go for the half hour session which would come to $65.
  5. Yeah probably the longest outdoor track in melbourne. Didn't take me too long to get out there weekend before last, about 30mins from Bulleen.
    We just did a show up and race type thing and got put in a group of nearly 30 karts. too many incidents and slower driving.

    The better deal is getting a group together I think we only need 12 and book out the track they will do the whole warm up, qualify, race. I think you get 10 minutes of each.

    Anyone interested in 10pm Saturday 23rd? grid girl comp!!