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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bond Girl, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. After a recent fun night of Go-Karting at Sidetracked in Huntingdale who looked after us tremendously they have offered some great prices for group bookings. They have a whole range of things to do for kids as well as adults. So I was wondering if there was enough interest for an organised event?

  2. There is always interest from alot of people right up to the point where people need to pay for it.

    We've tried to orgy-nize a couple of go-kart days and have gotten bugger all interest. It may very well be the price that puts people off *shrug*

    Now that was all a year or so ago things may have changed.

    I'd be in it. The Sandown package looks the goods, I've no interest in the laserforce games.

    1 x 10 minute warm up / qualifying on our Grand Prix Go-Karts
    1 x 25 lap Go-Kart final (max. 15 minutes)
    Unlimited use of Daytona Car Racing Video game for duration
    Corporate or Function room for duration (dependant on numbers)
    Trophies for Go-Karts winner
    Price per person, 10-30 people - $55.00
    Add a Gourmet BBQ to any package, $19.95 per person
  3. $55 , thats bugger all . For that price i'd be in.
  4. Count me in :D :D :D
  5. This sounds like a lot of fun, every time I have been too one of these days i have had a blast.
  6. I would be there... always wanted to race sandown :D
  7. I'll be there as long as I don't have to work.
  8. hmm I got invited to one for $45pp, normal price, no minimum number of
    people ... I think it was up in bundoora though
  9. If only the tracks were the same layout as some of the major tracks that are in use today.

    When I was in Sepang for the F1 they have a gokart track next to the circuit and it is the same layout.

    Damn bloody shame that it fully booked out by the fat arsed corporates for the entire race week :(
  10. Did that include trophies for the winning 3 drivers?
  11. There are sooooooooooo many lines I could use right now, but I just cant think of the best one to use :p

    Those laser games are fun, especially if someone turns up wearing white. Really makes em stick out under the UV blue lighting they use in there.

    and you get to shoot your friends, which for some strange reason I really enjoyed doing :wink:
  12. Re: [Melb] Go-Karting!

    Why sidetracked? It's really quite a poor track with slow go-karts, with lots of better one's around Melb. If your going to do it, I say do it on a better track with better karts.
  13. And central to every-one :D
  14. Auscarts in Port Melb are spensy.

    Ace in Albion seem pretty reasonable, nice large outdoor track. Details for one of their packages is as follows;

    Ideal for groups with 10 to 22 drivers
    Minimum 10 drivers Monday to Thursday, 12 drivers Friday to Sunday.
    30 minutes of racing per driver. 
    Racing consists of:
        * 10 minute practice & qualifying session.
        * 2 final races consisting of 10 minutes each.
    Fastest driver in the qualifying session will have pole position for the 1st final race. 1st driver to cross finish line after the completion of the 1st race has pole position for the 2nd and final race. The driver who accumulates the most points in both races 1 & 2 will win the event. Points are accumulated by finishing as high up in the placing as possible in both final races 1 & 2. Drivers who finish both races with equal points in the placing will have their positions decided by their fastest lap times.
        * $55 per driver on Modified Karts (6.5 HP)
        * $60 per driver on Super Karts (9 HP)
    Ace in Sunshine have an intersting package,

    $42.00 per person.
    - Draw for grid positions.
    - 30 minutes of NON STOP RACING. 
    - The driver with the most laps wins the trophy!!!
    Winner receives a trophy and certificate plus a $10 drink card!!!


  15. I was there last year with a group .. it's a great track and great karts.
  16. Sidetracked corporate/group rate is $24.20 per head (booked in advance with a deposit) & they gave us a 2nd round for $15 per head based on 7 people! Seemed very affordable for most people. As a single mum $55 would want to get me a really good session. Huntingdale was easily accessible on a mid-week night, for most folk!
  17. If it's mid week , i'm out .

  18. this is iwantabiggerbike posting

    Glen and i were looking forward to pushing you off the track
  19. I see , trying to get numbers up to get me now:LOL: . You have no idea about my driving skills do you . You wont be able to get me as i'll probably spend more time in the tyre walls than on the track :shock: .