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Go-Karting results

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bond Girl, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. My son Shane turned 15 today so for his birthday we went Go-Karting at Go Kartsports in Moorabbin!

    Results as follows
    1st Mike GSX 14 35.890
    2nd Stuart 36.607
    3rd Shane 39.047
    4th Me 42.864
    5th Kate 50.542

    Kate is 12y.o so has no driving experience! Top of the day at the centre
    2nd Mike GSX 14 35.890 First place got 35.098! 5 more laps & Mike would have done him as his times increased with each lap! Not bad for someone who hasn't Go-Karted for over 25 years! Me I Go-Kart like I ride!

    For a fun day I'd highly recommend it! Cost for 15 laps $37 per person 15 laps is over when the first person hits 15 laps so I lost 3 laps Kate lost 5 laps.

    Full face helmets supplied as aare fire proof balaclava's & overalls
  2. Fun City.....Go Kart etc


    There's this place called Fun City, has go-karts, laser shooting, etc etc and a pub....(I think on Ballarat Road)....

    Always wanted to go, but never got around to it.......Anybody interested?? It'll be fun!! Fun is the game!! As you need a decent size group to make it fun-er.......

    Bond Girl....you and I together and organise??[/quote]
  3. Yeah good idea, organise a go-kart day will ya......