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GO Karting Death - Just as i was planning another race

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Just saw on the news that a 51 year old woman died at Auscarts in Port Melbourne yesterday by running into a tyre wall and sustained major head injuries.

    Not exactely sure on all the details but i just thought it was strange as i was talking with a few people yesterday about organising another Netrider go karting day there...

    ANother time, another place...
    Condolences to the family....

  2. And Sydney news just reports the death of a sidecar passenger after an accident between the outfit and a bus in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Sad.
  3. a bus! thats pretty awful. are the eastern suberbs residents driving buses now insead of those tiny unsafe 4wds?
    i went into a tyre wall on a go kart track in sydney. i think they're pretty safe. for a person to get a head injury somethings got to be very wrong with the track, or the walls, and safety gear.

    i would check up on it before karting there. be prepared to hear lies from the owner.
  4. bad news :(

    poor buggers......
  5. that go kart story is pretty wild, did anyone read the bit how another guy from the SAME holden dealer died at that SAME go kart track 2-3 years ago. he had a heart attack whilst driving around the track. very sad.
  6. crap - that's a bit fooked up
    my brother & my dad race go-karts.
    my brother had his first serious injury at the rotax nationals a few weeks ago, when another go-kart ran over the top of him, but other than that I guess I never thought he could get hurt from it....

    will be sending thoughts to him every time he races now.
  7. Recent events just go to prove the statement on the back of every ticket issued in motorsport "Motor Racing is dangerous".

    Those of us involved know the dangers but sometimes I wonder if people who go to those corporate karting days realise the possible dangers involved.

    I've never liked karts, in fact I've refused to compete on various social outtings using one.
  8. There was also a bit of controversy because the Australian Corporate Games are having their Go-Karting there in a month or so and the insurance rates were rumored to skyrocket.
  9. I love karts on a good track, auskarts track is a bit poo, there is little to no room for error.

    Ace is much more "ace"

    I say we go back there.

    But before we do, I wanna go 10 pin bowling :)
  10. So many lines I could use about bowling balls & your head but I just don't want to upset you today (tomorrow perhaps) :p
  11. ppfttt, hair is for imperfect heads :)
  12. yep I'm racing gokarts in the Corp Games on the 25th November :cool:

    I'll be up for another gokart day if you wana organise it Jamie?!! :grin:
  13. I wouldnt mind being in the next one since i missed the last one. :grin:
  14. pfft! whats a little more danger (ok freak accident!) in ones life... we ride bikes after all :p
  15. Just to let people know, we were riding pocket bikes at this track every fortnight of which has been cancelled because of the accident.

    So we are looking for another track to ride the bikes.

    Also, from what I understand the owner is in deep water in regards to this accident, might even go to jail.