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Go-Karting at Phillip Island

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. I would like to get a feel for who would go to this , There is as some of you would know a scaled down version of the GP track at Phillip I sland , they run 9HP Go-Karts there , If say we were to do 2 x 30 minute runs each , a mini bus down there (up to 24 people) and if we can get it there is a house we can get for a great rate . It would be some were around the $200.00 per person .

    Who would come along ?

    And yes Stack Munkey will be driving the bus . :grin:

    http://www.piaction.com.au/karts.htm (link to the Go-Karts)

    Interested People
    MAT 232
    RONIN 11


  2. AYE!!!!

    Put me on the list.............

    Actually, I'll put myself on the list :rofl:
  3. Sounds good. But why not ride down???
  4. why the hell not!!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah I say ride down.

    Leave early, race around, go to Cowes, have a feed, relax a little and come home?
  6. Do they do pocket bikes? :grin:
  7. Im a yes for sure :) Sounds like fun :)

  8. was thinking of keeping it as a group thing , lets see how many we get and go from there .
  9. I dont know mate 8-[ the bus trip sounds :eek:hno: scary.
    I prefer to ride :biker:

    Hakin :wink:
  10. I'm in . . . . . but this boy aint gettin in any mini bus :shock: :shock: :shock: :wink:
    .... definitely be riding and i'll be staying at the holiday house up there.. :wink: :wink: I know another member that will be in too.... so definitely add 2 to your list. :wink: ... neither of us will be on the bus though..... if it is only a bus deal, then no can do... Sorry

  11. id be keen brendan.

    get a house down there so we can have a BBQ and a few drinks down there afterwards.. the bus so no one has to worry about riding/drving.. im definatly interested..

    we obviously cant leave till the bottleshops open.
  12. When were we thinking about doing this?

    Maybe in a few months when the weather gets better???
  13. I'll be in the cage so I can be the gimp transport if need be.
  14. Bren was planning on doing it toward the end of the year during the nicer weather :)
  15. I am in.. and the bus doesnt sound like a bad idea.. and hey stack munkey..I have a heavy rigid licence too so I am up for sharing the driving in the bus if you like..
  16. Thank Flipper - yes I was looking at later in the year , The bus can be a 12 seater if some of you want to ride , but the idea was to be able to drink ect and make it a social weekend .

    I would not say you have to go on the bus , but I would prefer it if you made the effort to keep it as a group weekend , the bloody ride is boring as bat shit anyway .

    Will keep you all posted , getting some deals sent to me from phillip island and we will go from there


    see the link to the karts above.
  17. What - before or after the karting?

    If you're staying on the Island, then it's only a short trip back to wherever it is that you'll be staying. So you won't be tonguing for a beer for that long...

    I personally would jump at the excuse to ride down, taking the long way, perhaps. If it were a day trip, then maybe a few beers on the way home on the bus might be OK.
  18. we are going to stay the night , that was the idea , this is why also the bus , will be able to get every one in and aout of town for dinner ect . lets see what numbers we get first .
  19. Sweet... let me know when its gonna happen... if its toward the end of the year i'll probably be up at the weekender anyway, so definitely no need for a spot on the bus or the rent-a-house for me.

    Is 9hp good for a go kart or what? I know nothing about go karts :cry: :cry:

    edit: is it only for netriders or are others welcome?
  20. Sounds like great fun. Wouldnt mind going. Would love to see Deb in a cart as well. :grin: