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Go Granny go!!.....

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Tweetster, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. From The Times
    December 11, 2009
    Salsa dancing British granny Paddy Jones wins Spain's Got Talent

    Some pensioners retire to Spain to ease their arthritis by relaxing by the pool under the Mediterranean sun.

    Not so Sarah “Paddy” Jones, 75, who has preferred to while away her twilight years doing something a little more athletic.

    With a series of shimmies, flips and slides, Mrs Jones, originally from Stourbridge, West Midlands, won the Spanish equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent with an acrobatic salsa routine, winning her and her partner — 40 years her junior — the first prize of €10,000 (£9,100) and whatever other fortune her new-found fame can bring.

    Dressed in a tight, dark-blue dress, the demure British grandmother wowed the audience on the Spanish television programme Tu Si Que Vales (You Are Worth It) and left the judges alternately open-mouthed or holding their heads in their hands as she was flipped over her partner’s head and through his legs, sliding around the dance floor like someone a third of her age.
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    Against a migraine-inducing backdrop of flickering rainbow colours, the couple tore through their two-minute routine with an array of unlikely moves that ended with Mrs Jones perched serenely on her partner’s shoulders and the audience and judges on their feet.

    “I’m living proof age is no barrier,” Mrs Jones said after winning the title, looking slightly bemused as the excited judges interrupted each other to voice their amazement. “When the music plays I just want to move. I feel extremely lucky that I can do what I do and I shall continue as long as I possibly can.”

    Mrs Jones and her partner, Nicko, have also become an internet sensation with thousands clicking on to YouTube to watch the septuagenarian’s impressive routine.

    She added: “It’s crazy — life has just turned upside down. We’re over the moon, I never really expected it.

    “We’ve been recognised everywhere. People were coming up to me at the doctor’s and the supermarket and even when I went to fill up with petrol. It’s absolutely wonderful.”

    Mrs Jones, who has seven grandchildren, had planned a quiet retirement with her husband David in Gandia, near Valencia. When he died five years ago, she decided not to return home to Britain but to stay on in Spain.

    Mrs Jones started dancing when she was 2½ years old, concentrating on ballet and tap. A professional in her youth, she decided to reprise her love of dancing to keep herself busy.

    She met Nicko when she attended his salsa classes in Gandia. Nicko spotted Mrs Jones’s talent and the pair combined as a dancing couple.

    Since pairing up as a curious mixture of age and ability, the couple have taken part in competitions around Europe and entered a salsa congress in Los Angeles in May. They were the only Europeans invited to The Old Pro’s Stars of Dance event in LA. Mrs Jones said: “This was incredible — people came from all over the world. We were treated like royalty.”

    She added: “Nicko said as long as I can keep doing it, we’ll still do it. I do thank my lucky stars. If I wasn’t doing this my life would be very different but now there really isn’t a dull moment.”

    (see link for full story and video)