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Go fork yourself!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Ktulu, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Happy...-ish

  2. I await your puns, people!
  3. Get forked. There's no forking way I'm getting involved in another forking pun war... :grin:
  4. Fork nose how he got that jammed through there
  5. oh noes!!1!!
  6. Needs revalving.
  7. How did they get it removed? did they get Yoda to use the forks???
  8. I admire his fork-titude admist this piercing exposure.

    God, I've been touching me nose all afternoon with sympathy ghost pains for the boy.
  9. Showing his patronage to Alexander Downer the child took Paul Keating's assertion that Downer was born with a silver tea service in his mouth a little too literally.

    Unfortunately it was made worse when he missed the forking point.
  10. okay, im gunna have a stab at this one.

    kid is really lucky it is a piercing injury and not a splade one, if it was splade, forker would have had to get stitches, and fork nose how he would have handled that.
  11. I only said....
    "Holy fork!!!!"

    No pun intended!

  12. ah, the ol' 3-holed-nos-trilogy piercing :roll:
  13. There is an easier way to eat your own boogers you know... :shock:
  14. Fork me dead! Imagine the mess you would make while blowing your nose with that ramned up there. imagine the acoustic sounds he would of got while playing spoons! Hey kid don't go near a really powerful magnet! :LOL:
  15. Fork'n hell I cant think of a good pun.
    Long as he picked a winner thats the main thing.
  16. rudolph the red nosed anklebiter had a very shiny nose
  17. He's going to have to learn how to play the flute just to blow his nose!

    Look Ma - a blow hole!
  18. Bet that forking hurt!!! Just image the fun picking at those scabs!!!

    Quick....get the diamond studs in now while there's room....