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Go back to where you came from

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Anyone been watching it?

    What's your views on it?

    Those who don't know what it is, it's about illegal boat people coming into Australia.
  2. Watched the first series and was quite shocked at the lengths people have to go through. Being detained in Malaysia would suck ass!
    On the other hand, can we sustain all these needy people?
    I consider myself very lucky to live here all things considered, and after watching the Michael Moore Sicko docco, even more so.

    Some governments/dictators need exterminating.
    Where the Fark does it all end?
    Quite depressed now.....
  3. Come here LEGALLY, and i will accept you in this country
  4. Seeking asylum is legal
  5. No mention yet of the tens of thousands of white British and NZ people overstaying their visas and being just as illegal as those coming in by boat. But they aren't as scary.
  6. The problem you have with going through the official lines is the time you have to wait for your application to be processed. By then you could have a bullet in your head, and your organs on the black market.
  7. not our problem
  8. I believe they did say in the vacinity of 50,000 British and New Zealand people reside in Australia ilegally.

    I was quite surprised at only 17,000 people being processed over a 4 year period at Christmas Island. The way the media ham it up, they make it sound like tens if not hundreds of thousands a year.

    You know, to risk your life on some peice of shit boat to escape the trap you are in is a pretty big deal. It's not as though they are jumping on the P&O partying on just to get off the other end in freedom.
  9. Not to mention the 60,000 Kiwis that come here every year.

    Asylum seekers are not illegals regardless of how they get here. Unauthorised, yes. Illegal no.
  10. Kiwis are allowed to come and work here without anything more than a passport.

    But we do get 50,000 people who come here by plane that overstay their visas. That is quite illegal.
  11. Exactly. What has Afghanistan got to do with us?
  12. They go to Christmas Island from Indonesia,FFS the Queenscliffe ferry is a longer journey.
  13. Eh? What visa would that be then?
  14. Quite a bit, given we've had armed military forces in that country for a considerable time now.

    Either Australia needs to recognise the people displaced from that conflict, or stop interfering in it.
  15. Yes. Exactly. :p
  16. hahaha

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  17. As a Kiwi entering Australia, you are automatically given a 'special category visa'. No time limit AFAIK, but it doesn't offer the same protections or guarantees as PR or citizenship.. if you want to become a resident or an aussie citizen you have to go through the same process as everyone else (points system etc).
  18. Bradmans Average ?
  19. So thats your argument,New Zealanders and English ,dont be so nieve and foolish is that the future of Australia i cant believe some peoples views of support Australia cant afford it,it needs to look after its own not create ghettos,lower standards of living and slum areas just to please the rest of the world,what did our past soldiers die for anyway its the black fellas land and they dont have a say because of the small minority.
    Shame Shame Shame,get lost and go back to where you came from permanantly.
  20. That made no sense at all,if you're going to have a go,at least make sense.