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Go ahead..kill yourself

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Rabbito, May 12, 2010.

  1. Entering a roundabout on the Mooroduc freeway,early morning and raining. I look to my left and see a purple skyline sliding to a halt..yup, wheels locked and car still in motion. By this time I'm about the 9 o'clock position on the roundabout heading to exit at the 3 o'clock exit. I look into my mirrors and see his bonnet..he's so close up my rear that I cant see his lights!! As I exit I give the bike a handful of power and smartly accelerate up to the posted limit..he tries to match my acceleration but his back end drifts out. By this time I'm on the speed limit and move to the left lane. I watch him as he motors past me..I'd guess he was doing 120 plus. The next roundabout is where I turn left to head for home..he flies into the roundabout and same again...the back end drifts out under power as he plants the boot in.
    I was sortta hoping he'd over-correct and take himself out on one of the big gum trees on the nature strip...then I could render the necessary first aid to him..a punch to the head!
    I dont remember his rego..but it ended in 401..first class wanker with a death wish.
    What is it about wet weather that makes cage driving morons act like complete and utter :censored:idiots?

  2. yep, some pepper spray for him too
  3. What a douche bag!! Oh man I'd be fuming. Yup, he can go right ahead and off himself if he pleases, just hope he doesn't injure others in the process.
  4. sounds like a skillful well practised drifter.
  5. Yes I wouldnt take it personally rabbito, they were just challenging you to a Tōge drift battle.
  6. I think you may be misunderstanding him.

    I suspect he was choosing to disobey unworkable and inappropriate laws, because he must. He is not too lazy and comfortable to think for himself, he is his own judge.
    He senses his own laws within him; things are forbidden to him that every honorable man will do any day in the year and other things are allowed to him that are generally despised. He must stand on his own feet.

    He is not destined to a life of emotional servitude. He rejects blind obedience to authority, for such indiscriminate failure to think about his actions will lead him to do morally corrupt acts, and he would do these acts believing that he is doing nothing wrong because he is following the law.

    You see, the important thing is he has determined for himself which rules work, and are necessary to preserve order in our culture and which can be broken without harm to himself or others. He has found great rewards in him being his own person and living his life according to his own standards.

    After all, though his actions may have scared the living sh!t out of you, he was in control the whole time. Nothing bad happened to you, he didn't hit anyone or have an accident. It's not just luck that you didn't panic when you saw his bonnet in your mirror, roll on a bit too hard and lose it directly in front of him - no, he knew that wouldn't happen. He knew that you'd be fine, no harm no foul, that you can maintain full and perfect concentration while riding your bike in wet conditions despite whatever distraction he may have caused you. Because he knew that he could do it safely, and so he could make the decision to disobey any rules and drive how he felt he should.

    It was simply his moral imperative to throw off the oppressive, unworkable laws, and drive like a complete and utter f#cktard.
  7. Nice quote, where did you lift that from? ;)
  8. :-w ;-)
  9. I thought I did pretty well not to loose it with him..I had just finished a 12 hour night shift,so I tend to ride very conservative. It just seems that the wet brings out the worst in cagers.
  10. Its also because drifting in the wet is easier than dry and also doesn't harm your tyres as much. Like others said it appears he knew what he was doing.

    Have you watched drifting on tv? The 2 cars are literally mm's away from one another.
  11. My natural leaning is to agree with the general tone of your post. But at the back of my mind there is this niggling irritation that the driver is not just making decisions for himself, he is making them for other people as well.

    He is forcing the OP to trust him. He is putting him in a threatening situation because even if the driver 'knows' he can control the situation (questionable anyway), the OP could not possibly know it at the time.

    Two days ago I was taking my little girl to school, standing at a controlled intersection, about a dozen kids with their parents all standing at various points of the intersection. A black Skyline hammers into the intersection sideways (it's wet), full Scandinavian flick and does a sideways 270 degree exit. Dunno whether it was controlled or not. He scared the living crap out of all the kids and their parents. We had no choice but to trust in his skills to avoid killing our kids. Whether he had those skills is irrelevant - he took our choice away. And we know damn well a lot of these guys DON'T have the skill and judgement. They just think they do.

    By all means have your fun when is only your life. DON'T involve bystanders in it.
  12. Maybe my sarcasmometer is a bit rusty today but I think most of the responses here are tounge in cheek. The driver clearly was in the wrong place and time to be playing with the car.
  13. gsxxer you're on the money, and everyone else I'm sorry I'm such an obtuse smartarse.

    I completely disagree with the justification I posted - I copied a quote that Smee put on another thread (the speeding in RNP thread I think) that I personally think is a load of self-consumed bollocks.

    Titus this is my exact concern, I'm glad you raised it. I don't care if the guy was a pro drifter who was in total control: his driving impacts others. He concerned and distracted the OP enough that he did well not to lose it with the driver. That is not a good mental state to be in while riding a motorbike in wet conditions! Who knows how many other road users he has distracted, terrified, or inspired to try and follow his example with tragic consequences.

    We don't drive/ride in a bubble; what we do can and does affect those around us, whether we like it or not.

    Rabbito, I'm glad you're ok. Safe riding.
  14. I’m also not sure if it my sarcasm meter on the blink, but I didn’t pick tong in cheek out of some of the posts.
    Skilled drifter???
    Not F#$king likely.
    A skilled drifter doesn’t lock up the wheels on corner entry, he counter steers in, taps to break traction and then powers out into a controlled slide not a tail waging mess.
  15. Whooooosh!!!!!
  16. Gimme a break! I didn't know the backstory.
  17. Though I don't agree with the general tone like you did, I completely agree with your concerns. Ignore random whooshes IMO :)

    As an aside... I'm fortunate never to have hit a patch of diesel on the road while going around a round about, but from everything I've read, it's bad news.

    My guess is that if Rabbito had hit a patch of diesel while going around that round about he would have been in a real spot of bother, even if the traffic around him was keeping a reasonable distance. But with drift hero 3 on his arse? I really don't want to think about that.
  18. Went to movie world recently and saw a show called "hollywood stunt driver" where a few professionals drift cars around a hollywood set right infront of your eyes. These guys were trained professionals and it took them YEARS of practice to get it right the way they were doing it. Tails of the cars going 1cm from brick walls and such.
    It sure was amazing but i wouldnt want anyone to be trying that when im controlling a vehicle near them...
  19. Good grief!!! Glad you kept a level head & came through unscathed.
    That driver needs to grow a brain.

    Undeveloped minds in creepy cars makes my stomach turn ... :(

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  20. Relax guys..my view on car drivers is that they cant see me and even if they can they are probably going to do something incredibly stupid...that has kept me alive for the 20 odd years that I have been riding.
    I kept my cool because I knew as he approached the roundabout that he was a first class wanker with aspirations for a Darwin award.
    OOOPs my bad..I should have felt honoured to be sharing the road with a highly skilled professionally trained drift racer..jeez, I should have let him alongside of me in the right hand lane so he could autograph my helmet :)
    I dont think he saw my indicator...I guess he thought that I'd be going straight through...instead of turning right..how annoying for him that I had slowed down costing him precious seconds of his commuting time...hence his enthusiastic launch into the roundabout to make up lost time.
    Despite that I had given the bike a handful of beans to get up to the speed limit in very short order he was determined to get in front of me as soon as possible. Watching him approach the second roundabout I saw how hard he braked...if I was a poofteenth more alert I would have memorised his entire rego plate and dobbed him into the anti hoon line..as well as the EPA..I swear I saw a Macca's wrapper being tossed out of the drivers window!