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GN250 Electrical problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by SpaceMonkey, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Bike: 1992 Suzuki GN250
    Service history: probably pretty shit (see below)
    Was bike previously running? Yes
    Problem: picked the bike up as a project bike a few weeks back. Got it pretty cheap as previous owner reckoned it wasn't charging (said he thought it was maybe a regulator/rectifier issue), but managed to roll start the bike on the way home from picking it up and it's been starting and running since. The charging voltage had seemed a bit low (only around 13v) but the bike was still running and starting fine so wasn't too worried. Pulled the regulator/rectifier and tested it and it all checked out normal so don't think that is a problem.
    Anyway yesterday I' stuffed something up in the wiring when I was replacing the headlight (or uncovered an existing problem). I undid all the plugs in the headlight housing to remove the old headlight and I plugged everything back in (apart from the new headlight which I still need to wire new plugs to as it has a different connector to the old one), turned the ignition on and got nothing, indicators and taillight worked but nothing else, not even a neutral or gear indication light. Checked fuse, found previous owner had bodged the fuse with tinfoil and the fuse holder was half melted. Quick trip to the auto parts shop and a new waterproof blade fuse holder and 15A fuse was installed, tried to start up again and the fuse blows and I get a burning smell and a puff of smoke, find a small component under the seat that looks like a black blade fuse with three prongs and the number 2522 on it has melted and shat itself. Was about 7pm by that point so I gave up and packed up for the day.
    Afaik I've plugged all the wires back in correctly, they're all colour coded and there don't appear to be any strays so don't think that's the problem. Any idea what the part that's cooked is and where I can get another one, and what I need to do to prevent it blowing again? I'm pretty much a n00b at all this, but this tends to be how I learn stuff, by jumping in, breaking things and learning to fix them...

  2. I would search online for a wiring diagram and try and find the part that u fried. That way it's easier to order a new part
  3. will do, Unfortunately my phone refuses to take good macro shots so I'll have to fish out an actual camera, haha.
  4. Sussed it out, it's a switching diode that controls the neutral indicator light and the shutoff switch connected to the side stand. $18 from suzuki so not too painful.
    Also worked out why it blew up, I'd connected a couple of the connectors in the headlight assembly up wrong and fried it. Bike still starts with the side stand up so not much damage done.

    This is the part anyway, will hopefully have it back in a couple of days. Now if this bloody rain holds off for an hour or two I might get the new headlight installed....

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