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GN250. Cannot turn off

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by L91779, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Got to work this morning, cannot turn the bike off. Engine off with the kill switch, but turning the key to the off position leaves the front headlight on (tail light off), indicators work, and bike can be started / run with the key in the off position.

    I removed front headlight, disconnected the ignition.... bike still stays on. YES, I checked I did disconnect the ignition key.

    Now for the next fun part. After playing with it a few times, my key now comes out of the ignition even when the bike is set to "on". Was working normally earlier.

    So right now I have 2 problems. A dodgy ignition, and a bike that stays on even with the ignition disconnected.

    For the meantime I have disconnected the battery. I cannot pull it apart more until lunch break.

    I would love some tips on what to check next. Im guessing something has fused... I just dont know what
  2. Sounds like someone had a go at knocking your bike off, or it has just disintegrated. Does the steering lock still work?
    Either way, you're up for a new ignition switch. Does your insurance have cover for locks & keys in the event of a recovered theft?
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  3. its been in the garage so its not theft. Steering lock does work. but I will have to get a replacement ignition.

    Wouldnt bother calling insurance for a GN. The excess fees would cost more then a new complete key set.

    I do have NRMA roadside though, just dont want to call them unless I really cannot fix it.
  4. A bit of a long shot and sorry about the lack of specifics. not sure if it's an older (80s) model, but I had a 79 but different model suzuki do the same, turned out an earth lead to the frame had vibrated off, the indicators did not flash as well.
  5. I have started checking the wiring under the seat. All the connections seem fine.

    The CDI box does make a loud initial tick when the power is connected. It does sound abnormally higher then normal.

    I am just puzzled how it can stay on, even when the ignition is completely removed.

    Bike is a GN250, 1992 model.

    Now have a new fault. Rear light doesnt come on, (regardless of key position), brake light, and headlights still work.

    If the CDI box is fried, would you risk riding it home? (40min ride)
  6. Thank you for the advice guys.

    Just an update. I have gone over everything. Every wire and every connection. Nothing is out of the ordinary. Nothing to explain why the bike is stuck on, even with the ignition barrel disconnected. Jiggled and moved wires, and still no effect.

    Only possible remaining cause is that the main wiring harness may have hidden damage that I cannot see, to the point where wire(s) have fused together. The additional loss of the rear tail light could mean that it is deteriorating further. Got no choice but to get the bike home, and take it off the road until all of the wiring can be replaced.

    If you see an idiot stranded by the side of the road with a red GN, feel free to say hi, (or laugh).
  7. I might try this one on the Mrs.

    Sorry honey, but the bike just wouldn't turn off, so I had to keep riding all day.
    It's real, just read this post from L91779L91779


    BTW. I hope you get this issue sorted out, mate.
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  8. Well, update.
    Got home, checked it, and it turned off normally. Even the rear tail light worked. Went over it again, everything seemed normal. Come back later trying to troubleshoot and now the front brake light isnt working. Scored a day off work tomorrow so I can rewire it with another (used) wiring harness.
    Once its off I can slice the black wrapping off and find out whats going on.
  9. if power to the cdi box is through a relay, it may be getting stuck on. Don't think it is meant to be a latching type

    Check the wiring diagrams
  10. Update.
    After removing the wiring harness, and slicing the black wrap off. The only visible damage anywhere is the connector where the right hand controls connect to the main which has been there since before I brought it. I could not save the plug, and had to cut the wiring on both the control unit, and the harness. While the plug was damaged / melted. The wires were not shorting out.

    There is absolutely no explanation whatsoever to explain what was going on. And I have butchered an otherwise perfectly decent wiring harness in the process.

    I have fitted an 86 harness, and fitted a different CDI box from an 86 model. The 86 harness is different in a number of ways including connectors, lacking the sidestand cutout switch, and some relay, (I think its for a non-existent fan) So i have now butchered that harness and my bike wiring and used connectors from jaycar to get that to fit together.

    The bike starts better then it ever has. Right now, even from cold start, It just fires right up, whereas since I have owned it, it used to take a few seconds to do a cold start and would often sound miserable while trying to start..

    Remaining issues is the battery voltage. It measured 12.8 volts off. 13.7 at idle (headlight / taillight on), 12.9 while revving (headlight / taillight on) Please note: this engine doesnt have anything to say what revs its doing.

    But I was able to ride it around the block, it ran fine. Seemed to run like normal.

    Just wish I had an answer for how the bike could stay on with the actual ignition completely disconnected from the bike.

    If anyone else has the problem I had, do NOT butcher your main wiring harness looking for the issue.
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