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Gmail asking for my mobile????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kilo86, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hi all.

    I use my mail client to log onto Gmail as I do every other day, with the same username, and same password, and it rejected my username and password. So I went to the actual gmail log-on page, tried to log and now its sprouting some crap along the lines of

    "Verify your account

    We've detected unusual activity on your account. To immediately restore access to your account, type your phone number below."

    Link (not sure if it will work): https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLoginAuth



    Thats funny, every other website can just send an email to another email account to reset the password. I have no other option with Gmail if I want to access my account. To me it reeks of trying to get my mobile number. I've since done some looking around, and it seems that you need a mobile to sign up to Gmail.


    I don't remember ever giving them my mobile before so how did I sign up? I'm thinking they don't have it so they do this to force me to. The thing that bugs me is I've used my gmail in many recent job applications and need it, so it looks like I will have to give it to them ](*,).

    Reading their privacy policy (http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacypolicy.html) it never explicitly mentions anything regarding mobile phone numbers (http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacy_faq.html#toc-terms-personal-info) and all this just leaves me pretty pissed off having to give it to them.

    Has anyone else given them their mobile? Did it charge them to receive the verification sms? Have they received any unwanted calls or sms from unknown numbers now?

    I'm pretty tempted to say stuff it and get rid of my Gmail now. This is also the second time google has pissed me off. They got rid of the option of watching video's on their search page, apparently to force people to go to the actual site (never mind convenience which made Google popular). All this just reeks of selling out on their part :-s (/end rant)

    edit: I've since logged onto my girlfriends Gmail, and checked all over her account, and all the details they have of her is her name and password. No other personal information. Since I signed her up for it I can only presume my account is the same. It's also interesting to know, Gmail keeps a section of your browsing history and cookies apparently to 'personalise you service'. You can clear it if you want, but you have to find where to yourself, and again there is no mention of all this or how to do it, without you doing some research.

    Some more intersting reading (can't believe I forgot about this):


  2. Yep all google Accounts now request it.

    You don't have to give it and you can have it send password Verification to another email address but for convenience sake I have given it mine.

    If you get locked out of your google
    Account and forgot to update the secondary email from your old
    ISP you are screwed.

    There Is no tech support to call to get back in.
  3. Interesting. I've not seen this request. And what if you don't have a mobile phone? Does the service require a fixed line number?

    In any case, that's the last thing that I want to give Google. I have enough problems now with telemarketers and so called survey mobs calling me up at the most annoying of times.

    If you don't really need to use Google (say, for an Android Phone account), then go with something like yahoo.com.au.
  4. You have the option of saying no
  5. I think the mobile number would be so they can send you a passcode via sms(so you can change your password) to your phone since it's "just" sending something (like a verification url and/or password/code) since google knows it's a 'owner' of the account due to using the username/password correctly. Unless your landline can receive sms', I can't imagine giving them a landline would work? Could be wrong of course, I haven't used it or looked into it.

  6. I'm not concerned about google giving the number out. It would cost them a lot in their reputation.

    Best thing I did was move to naked dsl and get a voip number clean number = no sales Calls.
  7. Attaching your mobile number to your Google account also allows you receive Google calender reminders if you so choose the ability. It can be really handy if you're like me and tend to forget most things or a little grating if your wife has hers set to remind her that she needs to take her hubby to physio every Monday and Wednesday at 10am :roll:
  8. I have used the google mobile sms confirmation. Have also used the postcard method and the landline method of verification. Never once had a dodgey call as a result. They do occasionally send out stuff in the mail if you use the post card method, but in the last 3-4 years I have maybe recieved 2 items.
  9. i would not be worried about google selling your number to telemarketers. That would have to be extremely stupid on their behalf; to risk their reputation over a little cash when they are already about as big as you can get. They would laugh at the suggestion. I gave gmail my number and have never had a dodgy phone call.

    And if you have problems with telemarketors, you should have a private number. Also, you can get your number erased from their database. You just have to tell them to, and be firm. We did it and we never, ever, not in a million years, get telemarketer calls.

    But having said that, you dont have to give google your number to use a gmail.

    And i find gmail the best for email. To access my uni mail i have to use Outlook. I dont like it at all. Gmail = 1000xOutlook.com
    So i set gmail to retrieve all my uni mail so i get it in my gmail inbox. Also, i can choose to send mail, addressed from my uni mail, from gmail. So i find it very handy an neat. So i never have to use shitty outlook.com....ever
  10. For starters, how do you guys know that Google doesn't sell its contacts database? Second, the do-not-call register is only good for Australian based telemarketers. If you get a call from Mumbai, it's not going to help you. And given that Google is a US based company...

    As I said, I don't give any entity my mobile number. If Google was to request it, I'd move to another provider, or maybe just give them a fake number. Certainly, those orgs that I request info off of and who, when I fill out their web forms ask for my mobile I give them a number with all zeroes in it.

    Yeah, I know, needless paranoia. But it's one less irksome thing to get annoyed about.
  11. My Gmail account was hacked, they (Google) locked down the account and when I tried to log back in, I had to answer a series of questions to regain access, I set up my Mobile number with them to receive my new Password, and I have received nothing more on my Mobile since from then (3 months ago) I don't run a 2nd Email address, so the Mobile was the quickest and easiest way to gain access back into my Email account. Gmail spotted the access was coming from a Russian IP address, the system locked the account and blocked the access. not they would have gotten anything useful, we never keep any banking records, Credit card numbers or anything of use to anyone in mine (or the Wife's) Email accounts.

    Also just got this from Wikipedia's Gmail page

    I've been with Gmail since 2005, and I've always been very happy with the service.
  12. One clarification, it relates to Australian based companies regardless of where their contractors
    Call from.

    So if ANZ pay a mob in Mumbai to telemarket and they ignore the do not call registry , ANZ cops the fines.
  13. OK, I have been able to reset my password without my mobile but it involved answering a lot of questions about my Gmail. Lucky I had a mail client and could review my emails. I agree with the sentiments, and tend to trust google with my number (i'm sure if they really wanted to they could find it somehow), but I only use Gmail purely for email. It wasn't until I did a fair bit of reading and poking around that I realised just how much data they gather. Their privacy policy also mentions "Third Party Applications – Google may make available third party applications, such as gadgets or extensions, through its services. The information collected by Google when you enable a third party application is processed under this Privacy Policy. Information collected by the third party application provider is governed by their privacy policies.". When I hear things like that I just think about those subscription services. My mum had that and they make the onus on you to opt out with every msg sent and recieved something stupid like $4. I could be paranoid, but I didn't see the risk just for email.

    Anyway its sorted now, and normally I would vote with my feet, but as I said, I needed my gmail for job applications I had made. I'm sure if I used the other applications (android?) I'd give them my mobile, but just for a free email provider I'd go somewhere else. On a side not, those calendar sms that someone mentioned, do they charge for them? Are they bulls**t expensive?
  14. Googles spam filter is fecking awesome. I dont know how spammers got ma email, as i have a secondary gmail account for everything on the net. But, i get alot of spam and thanks to google's spam filter, none of it ever enters my inbox.

    Of course my secondary account has never had a spam mail :-s