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GM 7.6 Billion US dollars profit

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vmaxer, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Why ?????? Ask yourself why we tax paying citizens of Australia need to prop up GM Holden when they just made a record profit ?
    I guess the theory must be that having propped up Ford & Toyota we just had to include GM in the subsidies. Will we all get a free car ?

  2. That's GM in the USA ffs learn to fukkin READ properly and dissect information properly.

  3. Vmaxer doesn't understand the concept of nation states. He probably thinks Obama is the Pres of Oz as well.
  4. I don't think he understands anything at all.
  5. And will anyone answer the question : Why do we need to give subsidies to GM, a privately owned company WHO JUST MADE 7.6 BILLION US dollars ? They don't seem to be doing it tough these days.

    Notice is says US dollars boys ! I don't share your left leaning fantasies or the notion that you may have about Holden being ""Australian"", when clearly it is owned by a large overseas multinational company.
  6. Who owns Holden?
  7. We're diving subsidies to Holden, not GM. GM are doing much better these days. They discovered a new country.
  8. That's not the issue, the article is only talking about GM in the US which also received a massive bailout from their government.
    Holden is a subsidiary of GM but not bound by the practices in the US.
  9. Simple answer really - if we dont do it for Holden here - the Chinese will give/build them a whole new city with lots of ready to go factory workers to build Holden in China
  10. They already have for GM, the sole reason for GM's record profits.
  11. And failing China, there's Korea, India, the Republic of China, and plenty more.
  12. um...........:-s
  13. Republic of China = Taiwan
  14. As opposed to the Peoples Republic of China (mainland China).

    Yes, I was being a smartarse :p.
  15. I knew the article was about GM in the US, not GM Holde. I just did not understand distinction until I did some reading.