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Glue Glue Glue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by stigger, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. I've got a spilt carb manifold? and I can't replace it till the week, any suggestions on what to try and glue it back together with in the meantime...

  2. If you can get something around it, I'd suggest lashings of silicone sealant, bound into place with a strip of beer can and a big jubilee clip.

    Otherwise, I've found very few situations where plain old white PVA won't effect at least a temporary bond. It's got a bit of flexibility too, which you want on a rubber component.
  3. I'd try a bicycle tyre patch. Don't know if it will work though.
  4. Firstly - please don't use silicon or any silicon related product.
    They are good for water seals, not fuel.

    Previous owner of my first bike used silicon to glue the carby gaskets together and the stuff just dissolves in fuel, making a mess and blocking jets.

    Most places such as Supercheap, Repco, AutoOne.. just about any generic parts supplier will have gasket glue that can do the job. Something like Quiksteel (found at Supercheap, probably the others too) may even be better, a 2 part putty that is fuel resistant, bonds with metal and sets like concrete when used properly.

    When you say split manifold however, how serious is it?
    A small crack will be fine temporarily glued shut as long as its under minimal pressure.
    Make a good seal on the outside of the split and be very gentle on the throttle. The only pressures inside the manifold should be negative, so glueing the outside would have to force it all the way through the crack to the inside before the seal breaks.

    Good luck,
  5. Unless the main jet has fallen out, the outside of the inlet rubber will never see enough petrol to make this a problem. Especially if the silicone used is the gasket goo variety rather than the bathroom type.

  6. Quite true.. I was just referring to said bathroom variety.. generic silicon

    So far I haven't personally seen gasket goo that uses silicon as the main ingredient, but I'm sure if its advertised for gaskets it'll be fine.
  7. If you have a bicycle tyre repair kit,smear the glue over the crack..on the outside..it will be a quick fix for sure..but without the danger of silicone getting into the fuel system.
    Or as posted above..a hose clamp or two,coke/beer can..alfoil..anything flexible but durable will do..even duct or electrical tape can do the trick..but not for too long.
  8. Loctite make a black cyanoacrylate glue that us used for gluing rubber (there's a cheaper version by Holdtite calld CA80), I forget the exact number, but it will do the trick.

    You can make o-rings out of rubber with it, I wouldn't even bother replacing the manifold if you use this, it's really good.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions...

    I went with a combination of Super Glue and Aradite around the outside. Got me to work lets see how long it lasts...
  10. Thanks for that looks like something to buy to have on hand anyway.

    So supplimental question what to use to stick my screen back together after I broke the corner off...
  11. Strange, 'cos when I go looking for gasket sealants in mainstream auto parts stores these days, I find it hard to find anything but the RTV rubbery stuff that I tend to think of as "silicone". My own particular favourite, Blue Hylomar, seems to have become a specialist, mail order only item.
  12. There will be less pressure differential with throttle open. WOT until you fix it!!!!