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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Stratos, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,
    As i live home very early in the morning to go to work,the only problem i have on the bike is frozen fingers.The gloves i have are rjays. I paid around $80. any suggestions about what better gloves are out there?

  2. you can try gloves with Gortex lining
  3. You could try wearing a silk or thermal glove underneath. Makes a difference.
  4. Definitely. Rather than spending another 200 on a good quality glove, stick with what you've got and supplement it with silk undergloves like the ones I got from ivarnasilk.com.au for a couple of bucks. Or just use a pair of disposable surgical gloves - you'd be suprised how much difference they make. They will also keep your hands dry in the wet and that will come in handy because 80 dollar gloves are bound to leak sooner or later.
  5. Can anybody recommend and waterproof gloves, riding in todo with soggy gloves from the rain yesterday was no fun :(
  6. Thanks guys
    I will Try. Always the best site for advise
  7. Stratos, in the early mornings or late nights of the winter months I just use 2 pair of thick woolen gloves and my hands have never been any toastier. The other option I use is neoprene gloves. They work wonders.
  8. i dunno about gloves can u also give me a quick intro into them, do u need expensive ones with carbon knucles so when u go off they protect u as well? i have heard its worth paying the extra for protection, or does a thick pair protect you from the cold and when u do fall off, ya hands r stuffed either way|???, just in a dilemma about gloves and what to buy, that do u reallly need the protection:S of carbon knucles
  9. Well after my first winter on the bike communting every day 120kms I have been using a pair of A* SP2 gloves. I got them because I was told that they offer great protection and my hands are pretty important to me, but they are not waterproof or winterproof. :cry:

    When it is cold I wear a pair of neoprene under gloves I got for $10 from a snowboard store great stuff works 95% of the time and hands are toasty warm.

    When it's wet the neoprene gloves seem to work pretty good but if it really pissing down and I am on the bike for more than 1/2 hour I wear latex gloves under my under gloves, these keep your hands dry but the outer gloves still get wet. No big issue they dry overnight or during the day at work.

    So IMO buy a really good set of gloves and then use my tips to get four full seasons out of them. Some days it will be too hot or too cold but that's motorcycling. :grin:
  10. I actually find that heated handgrips and a set of thinner (but still waterproof) gloves make for easier and better control of the bike rather than thicker winter type gloves.

    Heated grips are only about the cost of a mid range set of gloves anyway...
  11. I'm with ZRX1200R - $60 for heated grips (go under existing grip) and $90 for dri-rider carbon knuckled winter gloves (can't remember model offhand) hands have been toasty and dry all winter.
  12. Yup, I love my heated, toasty handgrips. And I'm proud...I have/had a pair of the A* SP2's but they've already worn through on the palms after about 4 months or so - I won't be getting them again! I found riding with thicker winter gloves made me feel little to nothing through the grips, not good when riding on wet, cold country roads.

    So, so many jokes....