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  1. Hi there, i have bought a pair of gloves that are 2 big for me, and they are also a little bit too armoured up or something and they feel like i am wearing welding gloves and i hve now feeling or 'touch' of the bike like when you are wearing old favorite glove, does anyone have recommendations for super comfy gloves that let you feel the grips an the bike a little?

    I think my ones are some kind of race glove or something and just have too much armour or something? http://www.rmgear.com.au/images/d race gloves/race10.jpg

  2. It can be very tricky finding gloves to fit properly. I have very long slender fingers but have a disproportionately small palm area! I have tried on lots and lots of gloves over the years and have owned Nankai, Alpine Star and currently Spidi gloves. The dye used to come out of the Nankai's when they got wet - not a good look. The Alpine Star's split along the top of the thumb and the Spidi's are the best so far! It is very important that they fit properly. Ideally, if you are unsure, it is good to try them on and then if possible sit on a bike in the store and try and use the levers and switches and see if it is cumbersome or not. I do own winter gloves but have worn them twice in 10 years. They are too bulky, I would rather wear racing gloves with silk inners than wear them! Good luck with the search, but try on lots and you will get it right.
  3. Yep gloves are a bit like helmets, some brands/styles fit some people better than others so you need to look around and try a few on. I just recently bought a pair of kevlar stitched, carbon fibre armoured gloves from Torrini Leathers - couldn't be happier with the fit, and they provide excellent "feel" (cost 125 bucks).
  4. Girl,, excellent advice . One thing I have found when it comes to gloves. It is a mistake to have gloves too tight. It has a tendancy to cut out circulation.
    So I think a little larger & let the glove form to your hand. Rather than thinking they will strech, cos they dont seem to.
    Many good gloves have a natural curved shape to them. some so called good gloves dont.
    The ones I have & like at the moment are Dianese
  5. I picked up my current gloves from Scorpion Race Gear and they're certainly worth every dollar i paid for them. I'd easily put them above many of the Alpinestar and Dianese gloves that i tried on, and best of all they were about half the price of the big name brands. :grin:

    That said, buy whatever looks purty, fits well, and appeases your budget.
  6. ...and above all else will protect your hands in the event of an accident.
  7. Joe Rocket GPX gloves have a 24 hour wear in time, then its pure bliss. You probably wouldn't go too far wrong with any of the Joe Rocket models since they have some very nice design elements; fingers are precurved and ergonomic, seams are on the outside, soft leather on the inside, soft armour on the finger knuckles, padding on the inside of the hard armour, venting between the fingers (opens and closes as you do the same with your fingers) for those hot days.

    From first hand experience they standup to the test of a crash as well.
  8. Any idea who stocks them? I need some tomorrow night. I wanted to spend saturday out riding, but i cant in these... :(

    Anyone wanna swap some brand new, 10min use, racing gloves for something else of interest, even non bike?
  9. the spidi carbovents i got are very comfortable and is very high quality. i slid down hill once and not a mark on the palms. i also feel that they give excellent tactile feel of the bars.

    armour provides protection, ventilation and looks cool! :)
  10. Got my Joe Rockets from Stafford Yamaha on Bell St in Heidleburg. But ring around your closest bike shops to see what you can find.
  11. Thank for all the tips, went and bought a new pair of gloves today and just sat on a bike and these feel around 1137 times better than my others ones, but still not awesome, i guess i need to break them in a little.

    They are some cheap arsed brand, like tecnics or something, but i tried on every pair they had and these was the comfiest :)
  12. Ah, too late then. Oh well, I had the same issue so I went and tried on 10 different pairs and come back with the second cheapest pair which were Crofts - leather and padding, no plastic of carbon - $70. Had them for two or more months now and they are really comfy with heaps of feel, excellent value for money.
  13. We must have similar shaped hands, I've got a pair of tecnics brand gloves I've had for the last year or so - they were the only ones in the shop at the time that fit properly. Not bad gloves but my new ones are better.
  14. WTF!!??, ALL of the leather stuff I have bought in wy whole life stretched over time (from school shoes to jackets). I dunno, I guess people have thier own opinions. I would always get leather gloves smaller, because I have a pair that fit great in the shop, but 1 month later they were WAY too big, so i gave them away. Now I have a pair of $289 Tekinc gloves that I love to bits. But I guess it depends what you want, control, comfort or a bit of both, I go for control. I have a pair of R-Jays winter gloves for comfort.

  15. +1 vote for joe...

    Spread 'em Matty... :LOL:
  16. I really was after not wolding gloves - i wanted to be able to feel the bike - these gloves let me do that compared to all the others i tried on, but now i feel i have super thin unsafe gloves on.

    At least i ccan ride now, before i couldnt.

    I will try all the gloves in every store i go in until i findd the ultimate pair, then i will buy 2 pairs :)
  17. I got my Joe Rockets on Ebay $35 and they are beauties.