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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mike9999, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    My current RJays are falling apart and with summer around the corner, and a few long trips of spirited riding through the twisties planned, I'm in the market for some high-end gloves.

    My budget is around $250, and I've done a bit of research, so I've got some pretty specific selling points:
    -4th/5th finger connected
    -palm sliders
    -wrist protection

    I'd love some suggestions of gloves that fit this criteria and also any experiences you've had with them, especially if they have held up well if you've crashed with them.


  2. Held gloves have a model called Steve that has kangaroo leather palms, rivets on the heel with a layer of kevlar and nomes under it, the little finger attached to the next one and they are unlined. They are available from Revzilla in America for $169 USD, or you can get them from Bike Gear in England, but I can't remember the price there. I bought a pair of Held Talon winter weight gloves from the English co. and they are great. All the reviews I have read of the Steve model gloves make them sound like I want a pair.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Get yourself the Takamii gloves or for the absolute protection and bling a KNOX Handroid hand armour.
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  5. Noob question from me: how is this of benefit? It's probably something obvious but enlighten me anyway.
  6. less chance of bending your pinky at a snapping angle while you're bouncing down the cheese grater
  7. Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves - Pretty much exactly what you described mike, great glove. Everything ive heard in regards to coming off they work well, but i havnt tested them like that yet (whew!) Try em on at peter stevens then buy online.

    What ive seen of Takamii, they are a great glove also.
  8. Held or Knox Handroid for that money.

    GP Pros are good too. Takamiis gloves are GP Pros by another name ;) :-$
  9. nudge nudge wink wink
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  11. I have used my RST race gloves ever since I started riding for 4 years now. Has seen 2 x low sides (both at maybe 60km/hr) and an over bar cartwheel (between ~80-100km/hr)...all on the race track. Low sides just saw some scratches...over bar cartwheel saw one glove with a hole on the tip of my middle finger (sewn back together now), the palm protector/padding had ripped off a little on a corner (sewn back) and the wrist strap had worn down a little. It protected my wrists from breaking, my knuckles from busting and my fingers from breaking...they have been a great investment for $135 odd. Should really get new ones, they look ratty now haha.
  12. Thanks for the input everyone, tossing up b/w a few, and just found out about these Heroic gloves: http://www.heroicracing.com/SPR_PRO_s/4.htm

    Just what I'm looking for, have sent them an email to see if you can get them in Aus.
  13. Got those nifty plastic palm sliders as well.................best feature in a glove IMO. My lowside resulted in scratching mostly to the plastic palm sliders and a bit of contact on the tip of the fingers..........the palm sliders took most of the brunt.

    I wouldnt buy a glove without palm sliders.
  14. Yeah I have found the palm of the hand near the wrist/thumb join area is where most of the leather has been worn off. Got to invest in new ones now with better palm sliders, current ones are kevlar and have held up well. Plastic ones should slide better :).
  15. My new gloves have incorporatedthe platic sliders for the same reasons as mentioned by others
    I agree whole heartadly they are a great feature - ensure they are not placed in a way on the glove that it impedes on or makes holding the bars uncomfortable
  16. They look pretty bad ass, let us know how you go.
  17. stay tuned to my posts about gloves - so that in future you may want to get them at a better price
  18. Here is what the plastic sliders look like for people who haven't seen them before. If you can get gloves with these features, they will definitely offer more protection.

  19. shop around, do your research, know your size relative to brand. euro brands typically run small. US brands typically run large. look for closeout specials from the bigger US retailers and check their ebay stores for more current stock updates. a glove that retails 200 hundred bucks up (300 hundred-ish in Aus stores) is going to be a decent glove but if you shop around can get lucky sometimes.
    usually i'd budget about 100-150 for a new pair of gloves. but if i can find a closeout sale with my size still avail in a high end glove. might find 300 dollar gloves for half price and not blow my budget, so why not.
    look for good articulation in the glove. if you buy a cheaper glove loaded up with plastic you may find they suck ass to wear and use. hard knuckle protectors can be floating or split to compensate.
    some of the latest tech gloves use gel in the protectors or even D3O which only hardens on impact. some have incorporated better fastenning systems than velco, because velcro wears out. typically that's when i need to replace gloves. ****ing velcro no longer velcs.
    look for ce certifications. in some markets gloves must be made to a standard to be sold for motorcycle use. not here. they send all the shit here, because they can't sell it there.
    look for a glove that dose'nt take 5 minutes to get on and off because thats just a pain in the ass whenever you stop and get fuel or bread/milk/dingers whatever. but ensure it incorporates a secure fastening system at the base of your wrist so that it can't come of in a violent event. because shit just flies of you if not fastenned very securely. this i know.
    this is a good place to browse and watch online reviews of some of the better gloves around, because Brian is a spunk and a decent bloke (not like that Revzilla creepy dude)
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