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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. What is the life expectancy of a pair of gloves? yes obviously it would depend on brand etc...But surely one should get more than a few flipping kms out of them?

    I have some tarmac brand gloves, loads of Kevlar, look good, fit well, nice air flow design so my hands dont get sweaty and they are very comfortable to ride in...Couldnt be happier.... until i went to take them off yesterday after only having them for 6 weeks ( used maybe 12 times) and the velcro is coming away from the glove...Not happy. [-(
    Any suggestions for new gloves?
  2. I think it can be a bit hit and miss despite brand reputations and cost. My very first pair of gloves were Spidi Carbo Six and were a little under $300. I hadn't even done 500 km in them before I took them back for replacement because the stitching had come undone for the strap that went snug at the wrist. The replacement pair didn't suffer from that fault.

    Unfortunately my two stints on a bike never led to gear being worn out from getting to its natural life so I can't comment on how long you should get. Personally and just from a hunch, I'd be happy to get 40,000 or 50,000 km out of a pair of gloves (which would be about 4 years of riding for me) and think it'd be a bonus if I got more than that.

    Nibor covers a lot of km so maybe he's one to ask.

    My last pair of gloves were A* GP Tech. I'd get another pair of them again.
  3. When I was forcefully separated from my bike I was wearing the gloves that AP issues me and while they're well made and good quality leather I discovered their shortfall - lack of knuckle and wrist protection! I'm tipping that if I had a better pair of gloves with this I might have avoided the broken fingers and wrist on my left hand. In my case it's small fish compared to the rest but I'd like to look at it as a lesson that I have learned and can pass onto others.

    Get gloves with knuckle and wrist protection!
  4. depends how often you fall off and put your hands down :LOL: but i normally i get about 2-3 years out of mine....

    So yeah should get more then 6 weeks, my second pair which are cheapo 30.00 ones have lasted longer then that
  5. Yeah i hear that Jester, my gloves have great knuckle protection, its all solid across all the knuckle joints, the wrists are good too... Matt made sure i got good gloves that had the hard stuff on the knuckles and the wrist protection ( he got the same gloves for himself, his seem ok so perhaps mine just have a dodgie velcro job).

    GoTeam- Ill have a look at the A*'s and see what i can find.
  6. I've got DriRider gloves, I've done about 4000k's in them and have just noticed, especially in the right glove, that the velcro is starting to go. :/ .. It usually happens when I'm zipping down the highway, the wrist flap thingo will start flapping wildly in the wind... sorta annoying.
  7. good gloves cost big dollars for a reason and are extensively tested for cutting, tearing, seams bursting, abrasion resistance etc etc...some of the top end gloves come with lifetime manufacturing warranty...if you could see the work that goes into making a pair of A*'s...
    and compare that to how children mass produce cheap rubbish in China or Pakistan, straight to your local 'discount rider gear' store.
  8. Foxtel's "Twist the Throttle" featured A*'s which I haven't as yet managed to see the whole episode but from I have seen it covers the company's history and their R&D processes in relation to all their products. Definitely regard it as a must see.
  9. My last summer pair of gloves wore out and I didnt really have much money to spend so I thought I'd look elsewhere to see what was around without really thinking I'd come across anything decent. Anyway, I went into a saddlery shop (used to ride horses, so knew what was available) and bought a pair of mesh type knitted gloves with leather palms for about $40 and they've lasted longer than any other gloves even though I've done a lot more riding since. Maybe a fluke, but when these wear out my next pair will be from the same place. Winter gloves are another subject altogether.......
  10. I have a pair of A* GP Plus gloves that I rkn are a pair of Womens Large, not Mens Large since they seem to fit the girls fine but are painfully tight on guys. They're for sale btw ;)

    I now use a pair of A* SP2's which I rkn are fine for the price although they're made in Vietnam.

    I had a pair of Dririder Drimesh summer gloves that lasted a year before the elastic got worn. I also use a pair of Dririder Nordics for winter which are fine.
  11. Please keep the reviews forums for actual reviews not for comments.

  12. I have a cheap pair of RST's that I got for the sake of having something to wear when I did my learners course.

    Quality on them is what I would rate about a 2/10. Stitching is coming undone already (they'd have at the most 10hrs of use). I suspect I could probably raise some sort of warranty claim, but it's not worth the drama of driving back to where I got them from, or for that matter finding proof of purchase. I'll find some other use for them around the house...

    Needless to say, they will be replaced before I take off on the road.
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  14. Please forgive my impudence Vic but I do believe that this is the place for comments and that reviews would be posted and found over here.
  15. Have had my GP Pros for ~2 years now. Rain/hail/shine as my bike is my transport.

    As it stands they have a couple holes here and there, the suede on the palm is pretty tattered.

    I would expect 1-2 years from a pair of gloves used for commuting + fun runs. Longer if you are a weekend warrior.
  16. NO.

    The idea of a reviews forum is for people to review their purchase. It is not a place to ask the life expectancy and to ask what the next glove recommendation.

    The idea behind a forum that is set up to discuss apparel is, well, a place to discuss apparel.
  17. try taking them back?

    or you could get a fabric glue and reattach the velcro?
  18. I doh i didnt realise i posted it in a review section..My bad AGAIN lol
  19. Replaced my gloves today, tried on som many pairs it wasn't funny, having big long gangly fingers makes it hard....

    Anyway, found a pair that fit okay, and seem to have all the right things in all the right places and they even match the Jacket I am using (brand wise anyway)...
  20. I bought my pair of BMW sports gloves over 2 years ago and they are still going strong, best gloves i've ever owned.