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Gloves Review - Joe Rocket Highside

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cookeetree, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Having worn my Dririder Adventure gloves year 'round for the last couple of years, I thought it might be time to buy some gloves that weren't quite as hot in summer, but still offered plenty of protection.

    After trying on a plethora of styles, from numerous manufacturers, I settled on a pair of Joe Rocket Highside gloves and bought them on Saturday. I had initially tried them on a couple of months ago and fell in love with them instantly. At the time, though, the weather was still cool, so I was happy to continue using the Dririders. As the Qld members will attest, the cool weather is long gone now!

    They cost around $100, but I got 10% off mine. You can pick them up off the 'net cheaper, but I wanted mine then and there, so was happy to pay the extra amount. (Those on the Qld Pink Ribbon Ride will understand why I wanted a cooler glove straight away!) They come in a variety of colour combinations (see pic). I got the ones on the bottom-right.


    When I'd first tried these gloves on, I was truck by two things; they were tight, but they offered incredible dexterity. The touch through the fingers is amazing. I can feel every bump and ripple on my handgrips and the slightest touch on the levers is instantly felt! For ventilation, they have small holes down the sides of each finger. I could feel the air coming through these holes the first ride I took.

    Protection-wise, they have a full gauntlet, with velcro wrist and cuff fasteners. The cuffs on my jacket are quite loose, so I wear the gloves with the gauntlet inside the jacket. However, on jackets with tighter cuffs, I'm sure they'd fit over them quite easily. Rather than the common (of late) hard knuckles, these gloves have a very thick padded section, with smaller pads over the finger joints. There's also a small pad over the knuckle of the thumb. A double layer of leather wraps around onto the bottom of the palm with another section across the top of the palm that flows through to the underside of the thumb. While I've not had to test the "crashibility" of these gloves yet, I've read reviews from people who have gone down in them on track days and found them to be very sturdy.

    Although they were rather tight when I first bought them (like all new gloves, really), they've broken-in very quickly. I've done around 500km in them since Saturday and they already feel like a comfy pair of old shoes; once they're on, I forget they're even there.

    I can highly recommend these gloves. :grin:
  2. Hrmmm, ill defently have a look at investing in a pair of these, they look good. Ive been searching the net for some gloves but im not sure about sizes so I havnt really felt like buying some over the net, but still I wasnt really kean on what Ive been seeing, but these look great. Thanks CookeeTree.

    Where did you get them from exactly :?:
  3. I bought them from Springwood Suzuki, though I initially saw them in Team Moto Yamaha, Moorooka.

    Definitely try gear on in shops before buying online. You want to make sure the stuff fits properly.

    Footnote: Although it costs a little more, I actually prefer buying gear in shops. I like face-to-face contact with traders and I feel that, if I receive good customer service, that's worth a couple of bucks. I won't buy gear from shops with poor customer service, regardless of the price.
  4. yeah thats good, ill prob have to sell a pair of boots I just bought over the net. They are a size too big >< but im seeing if I can swap them first. Maybe in december sometime we should see if we can have a Netrider shopping day/night or something. Could be a good time and we can get some discounts.
  5. I have just thrown out a pair of these gloves after a bit over a year of riding. They tore in the palm area where the leather had become thin from wear. They were great gloves for touring in hot weather and the feel was great but obviously better feel is sacrificed for longevity.

    I don't think I would get these gloves again.
  6. Interesting. Thanks for your input.
  7. They tore in the palm area when I went down the road once, had a nice gash on my palm from that.

    Definately not enough palm protection for me to get another pair.
  8. I havent came across anything better than the Joe rocket gloves. I think the ones I tried on where joe rocket gpx. Alot better than the alpines and for a good price too.
  9. Looks like I should've asked on here BEFORE I bought them...

    Oh, well, too late now. :grin:
  10. I have a pair of the same gloves, and have been extremely happy with them - have had them for over a year. The amount of "feel" they give you is tremendous and the ventilation between the fingers keeps your hands nice and cool in summer. I haven't come off in them so I can't comment on their performance in that respect.

    The flipside of that of course is how much did they actually protect your palms? Who is to say the damage may not have been worse in a different set of gloves!

    Of course there is always going to be a trade off when going for less bulk for improved hot weather riding and greater "feel" for your controls versus greater bulk for added crash protection with hotter hands and reduced dexterity.

    I have found that in the 13 months or so since I bought them they have held together well - the only indication of wear is that the black leather in the section between the thumb and first finger is discolouring (turning brown). I've spent a lot of time in them and they are perfect for touring in the warmer weather.

    So in my opinion, an excellent set of gloves and I would definitely them buy again.