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Gloves or Boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wideone3, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Okay so my problem is this. I own a jacket, helmet and pants but yet no gloves or boots. I know both boots and gloves are pretty important BUT I can't afford both at the moment unfortunately. I will be buying which ever I don't in the first place about 2-3 weeks later. However which should I buy first? Are they equally important. I mean gloves seem the more logical option as I know without my old gloves my hands got rather cold at night. I've never had motorbike boots but have had some cheap gloves which were pretty useless and wore out rather quick. So my first instinct would be to get gloves but which would you all recommend. If so which brand. Was looking at some of the alpine star gloves

  2. I'd get gloves personally. Just wear some decent leather shoes for a start. I started with a pair of work boots :rolleyes:

    But you might get lucky, I got a near new pair of Alpine star boots at the local Pawn shop for $30 18 months ago :D
    Also reckon the aldi gloves this year were pretty good if you need to comprise
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  3. Gloves. I could live without a usable foot easier than without a usable hand. If you fall and slide, you will put your hands down.
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  4. I would definitely be going for the gloves...(I was in Aldi last week and they had a few pairs left...I picked up a pair of their kevlar lined jeans reduced to $49)
  5. Yeah gloves. Don't be too proud to look on things like eBay and Gumtree for second hand pairs either. You find quite a lot of gear on those sites pretty new due to people buying stuff off the internet that doesn't fit, or gearing up to be the next Rossi, then giving the game away within a month or two.
  6. Boots, a damaged ankle might be years and years of hurt and it's really easy to give your ankle a solid whack just dropping the bike. Seriously though you really can't spare $150 for both(what I paid new)? Second hand is good too, some guys buy and sell barely used gear just for fun.
  7. Gloves if you fall off.. Whats your budget?
  8. The first thing you do when you fall off is put your hands out, after my relatively slow speed crash I shaved off 2 layers of leather on a good pair of leather gloves. Run your hand over tarmac the next time your near a road and imagine doing that at 60kmh with your body weight on that....the thought alone forces me to wear gloves.

    Boots certainly are important, even a set of workboots that cover the ankle are better then nothing. Just make sure your footwear won't comeaway should you crash, ie slip on sneakers, thongs etc.

    You don't need to spend $100 on gloves or $300 on boots, their are plenty of good unbranded gear of the same build quality for a fraction of the price.
  9. Gloves for sure. And while u dont have bike boots just try and wear something on your feet which will possibly stay on if you do a couple of rolls along the bitumen at speed. Even if its just a pair of ankle high basketball boots laced up tight. Oh and tuck the laces in as the loops can easily get caught on your brake/gear lever stopping you from putting your foot on the ground and possibly resulting in a dropped bike with a leg trapped under it.
  10. I agree with the above. Gloves are the go, but a good set of boots shortly after should be looked at. For the moment wear boots that will protect your skin should you come off. Then upgrade later to boots that will both protect your skin and provide support for your ankle. I took a while to get my boots but I very, very rarely ride without them now as I feel quite exposed wearing regular shoes.
  11. A good pair of gloves is essential. You use you hands for many things. Think about that next time you visit the toilet. Unfortunately there are no alternatives but to buy motorcycle gloves. Boots are also important. fortunately you can usually find a cheap pair of work/army boots that cover ankles at an Op shop or Salvo.s store, or online. When I first started riding I used army boots and really appreciated their "value" when I dropped my bike with my foot stuck under the gear change - ripped large chunks of leather from the boot but foot was Ok. Then when you can afford them buy a proper pair of boots which offer greater protection.
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  12. Which would you rather still be able to do?

    Walk or W*nk
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    As a tradie, i need my body to make a living so I buy the best protection boots and gloves I can afford.

    My priority of the two would be good gloves.

    I wear Held gloves as I find them to be good value in terms of how long they last and I find the fit excellent and the comfort exceptional. Link: Gloves

    Im currently into my 4th year on a set of titans. Great gloves, and great protection in a fall ( yes i have crash tested them) and they have lasted many times longer than cheaper gloves I have used in the past.

    Whatever brand you buy, get the best you can afford. Generally, the top end gloves do offer more protection, which is the main reason for wearing them.
  14. I like Five gloves. They just make gloves and if you shop around you can get them for a good price. (e-bay if you know your size)
    But surely someone in Sydney can give you an old pair of gloves?
    By the way get gloves. Then you can wipe your own bum if you come off.
  15. Gloves, dude!

    Although both are equally important.

    You should be able to get both for under $200 if you shop around...
  16. Don't crash :) then it isn't a problem :)

    then gloves.
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  17. Say wut? you have a bike and no gear? wow.
    That aside....someone once told me...always wear gloves...you never want someone to wipe your ass for you and no one wants to hold hands with minced fingers.
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  18. When I started I went to Gumtree for jacket and pants, and the bike shop for gloves, helmet and boots.
  19. Wow so many replies and a number of different opinions. I havnt bought myself a new bike without the gear. It's just the old gear I have (aldi gloves, jacket, pants) is kinda worn and I'm not a big fan of the gloves. I had a fall, well the bike just tipped over while I was off-roading on my old bike (klx250) and the Aldi gloves were worn through after putting my hand down on some gravel. Let's just say it didn't give me the best confidence as that was at 20kmph on gravel covered in mud. Can't imagine a 60kmph fall on road. So pretty much buying this new bike was my excuse to upgrade all my gear. I may have overdone on the amount I spent but I was just in the 'screw it I'll buy it' frame of mind. Anyway back to the point. I've had a decent look on eBay/Amazon and there are a a few decent pairs. Although I'm trying to get some white gloves (goes with rest of my gear plus mum keeps going on about "I'm not letting you out unless you wear some white gear so people can see you better". I'm sure it'll pass but for now I'm just happy to ride. I'll take a look and see if I can get a deal for gloves and boots otherwise gloves will be first to tick off. Thanks everyone for all the replies, helped me decide. You all rock!