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Gloves - joined fingers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SilverFox, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    Apologies if this topic has been covered previously - the search function didn't find anything on point.

    I am getting my gear together before purchasing my first bike, and I had a question about gloves. I had heard good things about gloves where the little and ring fingers are joined. From a few snowboarding accidents where I have rolled over a few fingers, i can see the point. On the other hand (excuse the pun) I am concerned that a crash that would normally only dislocate the little finger would end up taking out the ring finger as well.

    When I went glove shopping i tried on a pair of Alpinestars with the join, and a pair of Dainese without it (they have a different system whereby the little finger has a reinforced pad at the base).

    My question - have any of you had an "off" where your fingers/hands have come in for some punishment, and you either wished you had joined gloves, or had them and wished you didn't?


  2. I don't know about safety but this seems like a very quick and easy way to look like a ninja turtle.
  3. You could tape the middle and index fingers together as well, then wear your back protector on the outside if you wanted to go the whole hog...
  4. Two years ago I had an 'off' that resulted in the thumb on my left had being so badly broken, that in the x-ray it is pointing at my armpit. I don't use 'mitts' but I can see how it could protect the vulnerable digit on the end.
  5. Bit of red electrical tape around your lid and over your visor, and you can be a party dude! Cowabunga!
  6. Didn't Barry Sheene lose one of his little fingers removed after several of his accidents? I just don't like idea of having two of my fingers together without having a choice, I guess.
  7. After some 18 tosses down the road/track/dirt etc i can personally recommend that the most important thing is reinforcing of the palm. as you slide down the road you tend to put your hands out palms down to stop rolling / sliding sensation in snow it is different when your hands dig into the surface as you slide tumble grind to a halt trapping and bending your fingers and snapping tearing of tendons etc been there done that.

    The worst part is waiting for the skin to grow back on the palm lets face it thumbs and pointers are all you need till the rest heal up.

    By the way have you seen some of the BMW gear its not that dear and excellent quality good luck and its geat to see learners investigating this rather than buying a bike and a good helmet and then riding with the cheaspest gloves you can find
  8. Thats what I figured - I preferred the fit of the Dainese gloves, but the thing that really sold me was the insert on the base of the palms - right where you always scrape along.

    I will have a look at the Beamer stuff though thanks. Owning a BMW car though, I am surprised to hear that anything they make is not incredibly expensive :D

    Thanks for the support - the reason I am buying my stuff a bit at a time is to avoid the temptation to skimp. I know too many motorcycle horror stories to get around in substandard gear.
  9. Sorry by implying thats it not that dear but in comparison with the top of the range gear you are looking at with other manufacturers products they are very comparable

    I can recommend moto one in Oakleigh Vic they have a great range
  10. Haven't tried them, but they are used and recommended by many top level racers. Says it all really.