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Gloves gloves gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sykes, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Hello..its damn cold in Melbourne.

    Was wondering if anyone had some good advice on comfy waterproof gloves

    I tried some on at the bmw shop they felt good but the price was premium.

    Should I lash out or are there less expensive similar alternatives ?
  2. If you are in the East try Bikers Gear in Ferntree Gully. If you're not close they do have a website that you can order from.
  3. Cheers...Any brands you recommend ?
  4. I've found that comfy waterproof gloves that are actually waterproof are expensive. Overgloves from Andy Strapz is the cheap option. (I have Alpinestars Jet Gore Tex which I got on special but still expensive.) Peter Stevens have some cheap five waterproof gloves on ebay. (My summer gloves are five)
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  5. I have some Dririder Speed 2 gloves....they are comfy, fairly warm, but I don't ride in the rain so can't comment on the waterproofness.

    I also haven't been riding long, so haven't got anything to compare them too either.

    $70 though...not bad.

    Edit: just googled the Alpinestar ones mentioned above....I dare say they would much better in the cold and wet!!
  6. Depends on what you mean by expensive. I use my Dririder Rapid's, rated as a summer glove, in Spring / Summer / Autumn.

    Only just now I realised I also need a winter pair!! lol :)

    The Speed 2 botchbotch has are rated as a All Season glove so depending on how much you feel the cold they may be enough.

    I am going in tomorrow to get a pair of Dririder Storm 2's. Leather / HIPORA waterproofing / Thinsulate lining / Cordura Cuff. rrp $89.95

    Dririder Storm 2 small.
  7. Bikers gear do their own in house brands. I have a pair of theirs, with Hipora and Thinsulate, which are very warm, and so far have been more waterproof than the previous pair of DriRiders that I bought. They were Storms. They also had Hipora and Thinsulate, but were only waterproof for about an hour of wet riding.
    The Bikers Gear only cost about $40 from memory, and the DriRiders were $65 I think, on sale at AMX.
    The only difference between the 2, and the only benefit of the DriRiders, is that they have a squeegee strip.
    The BG's are better in every other way.
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  8. FIVE WFX-Tech Gloves - Bikebiz

    Five WFX tech gloves, you won't regret it, best winter gloves I've owned, i also have a pair of five summer gloves and i am now a convert ;)
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  9. I have a pair of Dainese Goretex gloves. They're going on for 10 years old and are still in great condition (and still water proof). Sometimes it's worth spending a bit more to save in the long run..
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  10. Yeah I should have paid the bit extra to get these. Have a pair of Dririder gloves for around the $100 mark that aren't waterproof and started to feel the cold bad as it gets colder.

    I'm thinking investing in a good pair of winter gloves, especially if you commute, is money well spent.
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  11. I have some Alpinestar Gortex gloves, very warm, very waterproof, they still get a little damp in pouring rain, but most gloves do. But a little pricey
  12. I have the bikers gear ones and was very happy with them
    until I was given the bmw ones
    but at a cheap price the bg ones were great
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  13. My Dririder storm gloves Keep my hands warm and dry. The storm has a visor wipe on the left index finger.
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  14. benny the jet bought a pair of those for the icicle ride
    but wore my bg pair instead
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  15. Aww....man, I want a pair of heated winter gloves now. Not sure if I'm keen enough to spend over $300 though. Especially given the weather this winter in Brisbane has been just shy of glorious (cold in the morning, 20 odd degrees by 9am).

    These are cheaper....

    Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Gloves | Battery Heated Motorcycle Gloves | Battery Heated Ski Gloves | Raynauds Gloves

    I could really just go a pair of heated glove liners. But for $100 for the cheapest battery powered heated liner, I may as well drop $200 for a set of heated gloves.
  16. Check out Held gloves too. They are quite nicely made, size chart seems pretty spot on too, but the Australian distributer will also exchange if you get the size wrong.
  17. How do find the WFXs at around 0 deg C? And are you sensitive to cold? I see they have neoprene on the back. would be warm I suppose as that works nice with wetsuits, but not what I'd use for protection. I've a pair of RST Titanium outlast and I find hands getting uncomfortable after 15min or so at 6degC or below. Which is a little disappointing for a $149 pair from England.

    And while I'm hijacking does anyone have any experience with Alpinestar Polar Goretex on frosty mornings? They look quiet good.
  18. Time for a mini gear review I guess. Threw fiscal caution to the wind and brought a pair of Dainese Scout Gore-tex on Tuesday. And whadyaknow the first frosty morning of this winter in Melbourne on Wednesday, 1.7C when I left home. After a couple of minutes I'm crossing the Yarra river flats which is the coldest part of the ride. I could feel cool in the palms, which wasn't a good sign I thought. 10 minutes later I got the usual longish blast along Heidelberg Rd past the Fairfield Boat House at 70km/h and that’s when the wind chill really sets in and finger tips get painful. For comparison with my old RST Titanium Outlast gloves my fingertips at this point would be numb or painfully cold. But with the Dainese - nope, fine. Got to work and finger tips were a little cool but not needing a massage. With the other gloves I’d still be numb here at the key-board after changing into work clothes. I think if you added heated grips you'd be one toasty warm handed rider.

    N.B. I do have Bark Busters fitted and it was only a 25 minute commute all up. You can call me Mr Nancy 'cause I feel the cold.

    In the defence of the RST Titanium Outlast gloves, which are $150 compared to $240 for the Dainese: The RSTs give better feel, they have grippy stuff on the palms which means a lighter grip on the throttle & blipping on down-changes while braking is a doddle & have never let water in 2 years, although I've not done more than 30 minutes in rain and never a downpour. The RSTs are warm enough for me down to say 10 C.
  19. So sitting here at work admiring my still overly pink, tingly, sore finger tips. I have had to sleep with thick gloves on at night this week!
    So I have a $180 pair of Dainese Gortex gauntlets. Fine for a commute at average speeds in the cold but once you get above 80km/hr the chill factor is a literal killer. I honestly think after my weekend experience with the hands, that heated grips and some sort of barkbuster thingo is the only way to keep your fingers.
    I honestly hadn't appreciated the chill factor and riding at $1.20 in -2oC was likely akin to riding in -15 I reckon. And I did that for about 1.5 hrs.
    I think if I had to ride any further on Friday I would have ended up with frostbite and maybe lost some finger tips :(
    My fingers tips are fcuked at the moment. It is fun to play with a needle finding the limit of sensation in them.
    There is some improvement but if not much better by Friday I will get a neuro mate to check out the damage... :(
    I have even been wearing gloves at work but hard to type with lol.

    Don't skimp on gloves or keeping your hands warm in winter if it is really low temps!