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Gloves for Hot Weather...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daewoo, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. The only gloves that I have are Mountain Biking Gloves, or thick riding gloves...


    I think that my riding gloves will be too thick for hot weather, but don't want to grind my hands to stumps if I have a get off.

    Do MotoX gloves give any real protection? or are they really just to provide grip?

  2. You can buy vented leather summer motorbike gloves, that's probably the best compromise.
  3. Very little - they have a thin coating of rubber but would do something in a low speed slide.

    Check out the bike shops for light gloves, I don't thave venterd ones but made of thin leather and still kevlar lined.
  4. I just bought some alpinestar summer touring gloves. Not the most stylish gloves, but they do the trick.. I wanna be comfortable, not fashionably uncomfortable. :) They have good protection but also have suitable (& safe) venting in fingers & on the back of the hand (protected by a hard knuckle casing).
  5. I got me some Alpinestars leather shortie gloves for about $130 i think. They only come up to your wrist and are reasonably well vented. Much cooler than my SP2 gloves. I cant remember the exact model number of them but they have full knuckle protection also.
  6. Thanks all...

    I got these gloves on eBay... and while they will be good for Winter, I was surprised how thick they are...

    I'll get a second pair after a bit more research...

  7. bambam, those sound heaps like mine & approx same price.
  8. Might be the Alpinestars Alloy gloves. they're short and vented. Super comfy, too :grin:
  9. Got me a pair of Dririder Drimesh gloves for summer riding. They work good too :grin:
  10. I have a pair of Alpine stars that have a full leather palm with a mesh upper, they have a heap of padding on the knuckles. They also have a few rubber pads on the tops of the fingers, but can't see that helping much for protection..

    They are good in the heat though..
  11. Yes there some great short gloves with very good protection. Alpinestars certainly make the best ones i reckon. They have the Alloy and also the Octane, which only comes in black here, but if you go O/S you can get all the colors, i have the blue ones..
    Icon also make a good glove.. Here is a link i googled for you .. :grin:

  12. I have a pair of Joe Rocket Highside gloves which are awesome in summer. They are vented between the fingers and are not at all bulky.

    I have the all black pair which look like this:

  13. Some may say squid when I say I wear leather fingerless gloves in summer. But I do and have done for a long time. :squid:
  14. My summer gloves:



    I dunno what brand they are, bought them off Ebay. They're great, very strong, lots of Kevlar armour and double stitched leather. Have lasted two years so far and let heaps of cool air in on a naked bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I have the same winter gloves you have and the A* Shorty gloves all I can say is they are awesome here is a pic to compare the size difference


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