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Gloves for girls

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Peaches, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I have trouble finding gloves that "feel" right for my hands, and was wondering if you guys could give me some pointers? I currently have a pair that fits nicely but unfortunately it's falling apart at the seams :( Not happy.

    I have "small"-ish hands, but they fit neither a traditional “small†(too small) or “medium†(too large). "Small" men gloves are also a little large for me :oops: Are there any brands that cater for women?

    Also, are any better than the others (more protection, etc?)


  2. no tips, but I have the same problem.. I currently have a pair of shift gloves, but will need to find some warmer gloves pretty soon.
  3. I suspect that gloves are like helmets, in that different brands of nominally the same size will fit differently. Hence, you need to try a lot until you find a fit you're happy with.

    I'm a bloke and so most gloves are, supposedly, made to fit me, but I still have problems getting a comfortable fit. My hands seem to be wide for my finger length, so many gloves that fit across my palm have fingers that are too long and tend to get caught behind levers.

    My current everyday gloves are DriRider DriMesh, which fit well as, being textile backed, have a bit of give in them. I'm not impressed with the quality though and the fabric backing won't offer the best crash protection available. They're not really suitable for winter unless you've got heated grips and a big fairing :grin: .

    In general, any brand name products sold as motorcycle gloves should offer an adequate level of protection. The level of padding/armour varies but not having much experience of "modern" gloves other than the DriRiders I can't really offer an opinion on what's necessary/best.

    You should, however, inspect any glove you buy for robust stitching and quality of leather as, notwithstanding my brand-name comment above, quality control certainly used to be patchy at times.

    I've always gone for all leather construction (the Dri Riders being the first exception in 20 years) with a close inspection of all seams. It seems to have worked as I've crashed several times wearing No-Namo gloves and they've held up admirably with no more than scuffs and a couple of pinholes.

    Just to ramble on further, I would no longer bother with anything claiming to be waterproof. Technology may have advanced now, but my experience has generally been that you just pay twice as much for having wet hands :wink: .

    One of the best pairs of gloves I ever owned was a bodge up of my own, made up from a pair of cheapo, thinsulate lined ski gloves (good insulation but zero crash protection) worn under the leather outer shells of a pair of big, supposedly winter, gloves whose linings had turned out to be a layer of the cheapest possible foam which seemed to wick heat away from my hands. Together, they kept my hands wonderfully toasty and safe through a couple of British winters on naked bikes :grin: .

    However, I seem to have digressed somewhat from my original point, which was to go to your friendly local accessory shop and try on all the gloves you can until they kick you out.
  4. Now let me get this streight...
    You want somewhere to put your hands to make them "feel right"??? :LOL:

    Loz over to you... :grin:
  5. IXON has specific womens gloves
  6. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I guess I'll just have to go glove-a-hunting, shop to shop :? Shopping unfortunately, is not something I like. But I'll make it a special point to check out IXON. Actually I'll check it out online now...

    Oh and Falcon Lord...... Ummmmmmmmmmmm....................... I'm guessing there's a double entendre there? Does Loz have a pair of gloves that fit me? :wink:
  7. A girl that doesn't like shopping....what the LOL :p
  8. There's plenty of us around, hon - If I’m not in the office, I’d rather spend my time reading or learning to ride. :)

    By the way I've tried looking for Australian dealers who sell IXON gloves - there doesn't seem to be any Australian dealers who carry them…. Unless they’re not listed online. dammit
  9. Icon also make girls gloves - some look pretty good too. I've got some mens Icon gloves and love em.
  11. I have a pair of dainese gloves. They are nice and little for my little hands.
    Not very waterproof, though (mine are very very wet atm)

    I do not know the model of them though
  12. I've got DriRider summer gloves - Ladies size Large, which are the only gloves that actually fit my long fingers without being too large in the palm.

    But I tried on around 30 pairs before I found those... Good Luck with the shopping!! :grin:
  13. Joe Rocket, Tecknic, Ixon, alpinestar, dri rider all make girls gloves (probably a few more brands too)

    I've got 3 pairs of gloves, on a waterproof pair of Ixon (which are waterproof and warm)
    A mens pair of joe rockets (before I found my girls gloves)
    And a pair of joe rocket gpx2 gloves (ladies - and they're awesome)

    Two things to look for when trying them on.. not too much material in the palm, as it will bunch up and give you the shits, make sure they're firm as they wil stretch.
    The other thing is thumb length, if it's too long it will make using your indicator awkward

    Just a side note, if you buy waterproof gloves, make sure you pull the gloves off by the fingertips. The waterproof part is a glove like insert inside the glove, if you pull your gloves off normally you can pull the insert out and it's hard the get back in properly. They don't sew it in as then it has holes in it.
  14. check with cejay, but i'm pretty sure it's left one first.
  15. Wooooo :shock:

    Didn't know there were so many types of gloves out there for women. I'll head into the city this weekend, I think there's a MC shop past World Square somewhere ... hopefully they stock them. Now I just need to figure out the name of the shop and where it's located... hmmmm... :oops:
  16. Hey, my recommendation would be RST gloves... best gloves out there at a resonable price... well $125... but still resonable.
    You really have to ride with your gloves for a while to get them to fit nicely, that's the good thing about leather if you want it. RST are male gloves but they do fine for unisex. fantastic protection and look awesome too. :)

  17. My wife has pretty small hands and finding gloves for her was a bit of a nightmare.

    We found some Shift gloves that fit her perfectly.