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Glove size

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gibo, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I went into the store to try on gloves - For road and track days. All the Alpinestars gloves did not fit, my palm would not go in them even with the largest size.

    I then tried the Dainese gloves, all of them from the base model to the top end ones fit, I take an XL in these.

    Then someone I trust recommended me the RS Taichi GP-WRX Racing Gloves, my question as I cant seem to find a retailer that has them to try is if they are wide around the palm like the Dainese or are they tight like the Alpinestars?

    Thank you for any help regarding this.

  2. I need an actual store in Sydney to try them on, or someone to say they will fit or not. Buying them is not a problem, trying them or knowing they will fit is.

    Ill chuck em an email and see if they can tell me, thanks.
  3. Give RS Taichi a call. They should be able to provide you with a sizing chart.

    Our charts for gloves are based on base of thumb to index finger, and palm circumference.
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  4. you dont need an XL, you need an M and a bit of time to let the leather break in.

    When i went to buy gloves, in the shop i could barely get my hands in a medium, and was going to buy XL.

    went and tried on a pair of my mates gloves of exact same model, size M, fit my hands great...like a glove...

    anyway, get at least one size smaller. then wear them around the house.
  5. My regular glove size is XL, I could not even get my hand in a 3XL.

    A medium is too small for my fingers, I pulled with as much force as I could to put even the 3XL on and I could not get my hand in. Slipped right into an XL with no problems with the dainese gloves, good fit.

    I got a sizing chart from Alex from Motorcycleracegear, I will size them up in the morning.
  6. I bought Alpinestars in a large and had to sell them as they were too small.

    I've since bought RS Taichi 400 in XL and they fit well, albeit I'm still breaking them in. The RST sizing also includes a measure from middle finger to base of hand which I found very helpful.
  7. I think you meant RS Taichi. RST is a different brand.
  8. You're correct I did. The RS Taichi includes a more detailed sizing chart.
  9. I've found gloves are typically a size or two up at least.