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Glove Review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. As some of you might know, I had "the best winter gloves in the world"

    They were a Dianese glove that were very very warm, very very water proof but a little chunky. I sold my bike nearly 3 years ago and then moved into our new home 2.5 years ago.

    Somewhere in the move my Winter gloves went AWOL. I searched high and low but to no avail.

    The Icicle Ride was coming up fast so I needed a pair of gloves to replace my now AWOL gloves. Somewhere in this house, hiding, are a pair of $160 gloves :(

    So Wednesday before the Icicle Ride the State Of Origin is on at the Telstra Dome (Go Maroons) so the finance Dept and I decide to go into the city early, stop off at Peter Stevens, check out their glove range before heading off to the SOO.

    Get to Steveo's at 5.05PM, head straight over to the gloves and straight up, this pair of gloves catch my eye. I won't repeat what I said after seeing the price tag :shock:

    I proceed to check out the gloves that they had on offer, the sales person came over and asked if we needed a hand, he was good, just sat back and offered advice when I seeked it.

    I tried on a number of pairs and eventually narrowed it down to 2 pairs, 1 AlpineStars, 1 Dianese pair.

    The A* were very nice solid glove, full leather but chunky, too chunky for my liking. They had some wierd flap of leather that looked like it would pool a lot of water.

    I tried the Dianese ones, (yes the ones with the scary price tag) what a glove, from the get-go they were comfortable, snug, comfortable, light, comfortable, oh, ummm, did I mention comfortable?
    The two really were chalk and cheese. I thought about the A* for the strength of an all leather glove but couldn't do it. I figured I'd spend more time needing the comfort than the protection of leather so I decided to buy the Dianese gloves.

    These gloves are not an inferior quality gloves, far from it, it's just when you look at leather or alternative material, leather always looks better/stronger.

    The gloves have hard knuckle armour, no Groberts, not for taxi windows :p and they sport some fancy liner and a Goretex membrane. They have a liner inside the outside liner that has some good elastic edging with some rubberised pull tabs to assist in getting a tight fit. To get them on you peel back the outer layer to expose the inner and once on you roll back the outer layer and do the external zip up. They are just so light and comfortable they really are a pleasure to wear. And for the price, they bloody well should be too :)

    Now the RRP on these gloves was $230 :shock:

    I only managed a 7% discount which bought them down to $213. I got the nod from the finance dept. earlier so whatever they cost, it was ok :grin:

    Walk out of the store, pretty proud of my purchase and all the while thinking "for $213, the suckers better bloody work" oh and GO THE MAROONS!!!!!

    Saturday rolls on and the Icicle Ride is upon us. Grab all the gear, suit up, head off to St.Kilda to meet the regulars for coffee yadda yadda yadda.

    Spunky Jade rocks up after work and she's ready to tackle the Icicle Ride, others take note, she may be little but shes got bal...............never mind :grin:

    Anyway, pull up at the meet place, fuel up, talk crap, start the ride.

    It was a warmish night for winter, around 11c so I didnt get to see how good the gloves were at the beggining of the ride, actually, for the entire first legg, it was rather mild.

    The second legg however was nothing like the first, cold!!!!, cold!!!!!!, it was bloody cold.

    When we stopped at the 2nd fuel/coffee stop I discovered how cold it actually was. I didn't feel any cold all night due to the gear that I was wearing.

    There was discussion about how cold people's hands were when I took my gloves off. I offered some people my hands to see how warm they were and they were shocked at how toasty they actually were, not sweaty, not damp, just dry and very warm.

    We did encounter some rain but it was minimal so I never did get to see how well they perform in the wet. So if they perform in the wet as well as they perform in the cold, I will have an "even more besterer :shock: pair of gloves in the world" :p

    Apologies for the long winded review but I'm bored.

    Here are the gloves in question
  2. :rofl:

    {I'm bored too!}

  3. You really are an IDIOT :)
  4. Nice gloves, they don't look gay at all.
  5. What are you getting?
  6.  Top
  7. I went down the opposite path.

    Figuring I still have a perfectly good car for when it is freezing cold outside, I knew I wouldn't use winter gloves too much, so I went the cheaper option and bought a pair of RJays that are full leather and $79 on special. A little bulky but I'm sure with a bit of use they will be good. Nice and toasty warm, and that's all I really wanted out of them.
  8. Vic, also time to make sure your jacket matches your gloves :grin: http://www.dainese.com/eng/articolo.asp?cat=1,2,3,7&nome=BELFAST_Gore-Tex%AE_Jacket&articolo=1593899

    Don't forget, dainese pants, boots, 1 piece suit, oh, you can also get different materials for each so you can basically have a different type of each for every day of the week ;)

    I think you should be able to spend about 30K on the fashion enhancement and maybe have spare change for more wahing detergent for the visors :grin: CA-CHING! $$$$
  9. Are you picking on me?????

    It looks like a ncie jacket, when mine is due for replacement, I'll cetainly look at one of them.
  10. Only if you are one of those people that chooses gear for the look only. I don't think I have seen you make a "I have a just bought a yellow VTR, what clothes + helmet look best with it?" post, unlike others I have seen on other forums. heh :cool: :? :roll:
  11. I'm guilty of chosing a Purple helmet coz it suited my ZX6R back in 98 :p

    Well, it was the best looking helmet at the time :p

    But no, I don't really care to "look the part" like the ducafe riders in their matching socks/jocks and locks :LOL:
  12. been pondering weather these were worth the hype and should i get a pair.

    i hate big chunky winter gloves as it feels wrong on the controlls, these looked just the ticket but were a bit expensive, but after that review i think i might just have to fork out the cash for em.

    cheers Vic
  13. Well worth it mate, they really are awesome.
  14. Just my 2 cents - For $130, you could buy heated grips.

    I've been using my track gloves with these grips, and they just are plain great! I have lots of dexterity since the gloves aren't bulky and my hands are very toasty. With the grips fully cranked up, my hands are almost cooking :)

    Even in the rain, the tops of my hands get wet but my palm and fingers are still dry from the heating.

    I've got 4 pairs of gloves, but if I had bought my heated grips earlier, I would have saved money on buying the last 2 pairs of autumn/winter gloves.
  15. dont like heated grips myself as it makes the grip to big (my hands arnt that big and heated grips are just too damn chunky)
  16. On the topic of Dainese gloves, does anyone know of anywhere in Brisbane that has them?
  17. They dont have to be. I installed a pair from BikeMart last year and wouldnt go back. They are a stick on film a bit like the original heated rear window kits of the 70's so no thicker than a heavy plastic film. You roll the grips off, clean the surface, stick the film on replace the grips (I just reused the original Honda ones) wire it up anf you are set. The finished diameter is indistinguishable from the original.