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Glove review - Collins RS4

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by woodsy109, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I had heard a few good things about collins leather so I decided to check them out for my next glove purchase. I got onto ebay and had a look at these.


    I liked the look and so I order some last Wednesday night. They got to my place Friday afternoon.

    For $65 these are the best purchase I have ever made. They are fantastic quality - right up there with the best and fit extremely well. They are also Australian owned so your small outlay stays in Australia. Collins also sends you a customised letter and if you get the wrong size you can send them back and they will express post they correct size free of charge.

    These are not a touring glove but I would highly recommend these gloves to anyone in the market for a sports style glove.
  2. I was looking at buying these with my new leathers.

    In discussion with collins at the moment regarding the new gear, in general they seem to be very helpful.
  3. Also the picture they have on ebay doesn't do them justice. If I get a chance I will post a better picture of my gloves. They look great.
  4. hey you got the race pair yeh? did you checkout the air max or the water proof ones? i'm deciding which one to get... look wise i think the race win, but water proof would be nice and the air vents would be nice in summer...

  5. Here in Melbourne you really need a tlesat 2 sets of gear if not 3, boots can probbly get away with but gloves need at least 2 pair and the same witnthe jacket, anything suited to winter doesn't breathe anywhere near ejough in summer and a summer jacket will have you in pneumonia here in winter, it sucks, still the most bike friendly city in the country trhough, just wise the weather would go along with the rest of it.
  6. I was so pleased with my Collins jacket I decided to get a pair of RS4 gloves to go with it. They arrived two days after I ordered, and I am really pleased with them as well. They feel great, go along well with the silver/gray jacket, are comfy from the start and they fit me just right. So now I'm seriously thinking of getting a pair of waterproof RS4s too, not so much for the fact they are 'waterproof' which I don't really believe (I think waterproof glove is a mythical creature like a unicorn), but just because they are plain black so will match better with my other non-Collins gear. It is very important to be properly colour-coordinated, people!

    Unfortunately they seem to be out of my size (L) at the moment.
  7. Just ordered a pair of RS4 gloves.
    $65.00 waiting delivery. Thanks for the review
  8. No problem.

    Just in case anyone has a similar issue, I had some slight rubbing of the carbon fibre knuckle in my left glove. It was slightly annoying for the first couple of rides but after that the leather join must have softened up and it is not an issue now.

    Still think the gloves are great so get yourself a pair! :grin:
  9. Hey woodsy are these a all round glove or are they just for summer?
    The reason I ask is that I'm in the market for a new pair of summer gloves. My current ones are almost good for a four fingered simpsons character. (front brake finger nearly worn through)
  10. Yeah, I just wanted to add - they will make good summer glove since the leather on the fingers is perforated. Not so great for winters though :)
  11. Recieved my RS4 gloves a couple of days ago. VERY nice! I've been cruising around with a pair of Fox MX gloves so the collins are a welcome relief. Very comfy, good fit and sturdy construction. All this for $68 delivered via express, can't beat that! They do get a bit hot up here in Darwin, but it's far from unbearable. Thanks for the post/review.
  12. To those that have the gloves, how did the sizing turn out compared with the guide on the ebay listing?

    I was thinking of getting some of the Airmax ones for summer. Will they be cooler than the RS4's or are the RS4's cool enough as it is?

    Supose they are cheap enough to buy both lol


    ** Edit: I emailed them via ebay. They replied in about 15mins the following:

  13. I measured my hand and it appeared to be size L on their scale so that's what I ordered. I'm happy with how they fit me, so I score their sizing as 'Accurate'.
  14. Cool, I ordered the large as well.

    I ended up ordering the RS4's over the coolmax.

    Looking forward to getting them.... and a bike :(
  15. I also used their sizing guide and when the gloves came they were a good fit. So i would also have to say they have an accurate fit guide.
  16. Just purchased the Collins Airmax gloves on ebay $50. delivered
    I did check them out few months ago, so as others have said hope the sizing chart is fairly accurate.
  17. i got a jacket and gloves from collins and i think they are awesome.

    sizing was spot on - they even called me to confirm the jacket because i was inbetween sizes and i took their advice and the gear fitted perfectly.

    Though they did offer to exchange if anything was wrong sizes.

    great experience and aussie made to.
  18. Wow, I just received my gloves.

    Ordered them yesterday mid morning or so.

    They fit really well and seem like really good quality.

    Very happy, thanks for the heads up guys.

  19. Actually, they aren't Aussie made. I also used to think they were, but closer examination revealed they are merely the importers; the actual manufacturing takes place in Pakistan.

    Still, no denying they are good people to deal with, and I think their gear is as good as it gets without spending thousands.
  20. Actually, they aren't Aussie made.

    bummer :(

    still nice gear tho