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Glove Replacements.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. For the last 15 months i have been waring a pair of Alpinestar SP2 gloves.
    They have been a damned comfortable set of gloves, but only lasted 15 months which i think is a bit piss poor personaly.

    I went into PS (I work in town) and asked about a better pair. Now the PS2's cost me $120ish, and I was directed to a pair of Dainese Hellriders ($180ish) I am positive ther are other options.

    Any one with any advise as to what, and where to get em (For how much)???

  2. Yeah my SP2s lasted 12 months and was told jeez you got that long! I am now wearing a pair of IXON gloves, only $69 from the yamaha shop on elizabeth st. I refuse to buy hyper expensive gloves now. :cool:
  3. My last set of summer gloves Spidi Composite 3's lasted me over 3 years, with a lot of km put on them as well.
    My winter gloves are a set of Dainese Antartica, not made any more, which I have had over two years now.
    I just must not be that hard on gloves.
    Now for your question, what sort of glove are you after.
  4. i had dririder racerX gloves, cost me 80.00 on sale first time, best price i can find now is 100.00...... they lasted 2 1/5 years and 3 slides...... have found a pair of agv (i think they were) for similar price an dwere quite comfy but be interested to see what others recommend..... personally i agree i don't think i would pay more the 100 for everyday gloves....
  5. I am after something similar to the SP2s Not a summer glove, but not a big thick winter glove either.

    Something in leather

    I am happy to not have thermal lining, because I have my set of liners i can ware inside them extending teh weather conditions i can use them for.

    Protection is top priority.
  6. my dririder target gloves have lasted a year and there are no signs of damage or wear. Leather and about $80-$90. Need a liner or proper winter gloves when its cold though.
  7. When you say lasted 15 months what do you mean? ie have they torn, stiching is falling apart, lining coming out etc etc.

    Just curious on what signs to look out for that mean new glove time. I've had my Dainese for about 18 months and done about 10,000km and they look fine other than a bit of frayed stitching, and leather is a bit thinner around the high wear areas.

  8. The Leather is paper thin on the finger tips, and the seem has torn along the end of the thumb (Torn out of the leather. not come unstitched)
    For 15 months ware at $120 odd I am a bit disapointed, my old gloves i wore for 18 months and they looked like the say I got them (which was prety crap already because they were second hand) (High school budget)
  9. Speaking of gloves I need new gloves for summer. I've hinted at this to the family via my "wishlist". However, I'm finding it difficult to locate a decent website that I can send them a link to.

    Any suggestions for a decent online store, particularly one that has prompt deliveries?

  10. I wore the palms clean out of mine in about 6 months of limited use. I think your hand grips have a lot to do with it.
  11. Teknic are bringing out some really nice, comfortable gloves at the moment, more of an all-season, not a summer glove.

    I have a fingerless pair for a back-up but have fallen in love with my DriRider summer gloves - perforated leather, gauntlet style and in Ladies sizes! :grin: No sweaty hands when I'm riding, not too bulky when I'm holding onto the grab rail when pillioning.

    My husband has Rivet gloves that seem pretty good at the moment - we're still waiting for summer to arrive in Ipswich!
  12. My $120 pair of dri rider racer x gloves have done in excess of 20000kms, worn in all weather, over about a year. They're still fine. Mind you in summer weather (ie when you swear) or when it rains, the blue dye gets on your hands, even after being a year old. I will try a different pair of gloves when I replace these.

    1-2 years of alot of use seems to be an acceptable lifespan IMO. Besides, they will get too manky if you keep them for much more than that.
  13. Thanks for that Carol. I'll do a search on them.

    BTW, what's the go with the "fingerless" gloves? Why would you want to wear them? I see Harley riders and other cruiser riders with them. I can't figure out what the point of them is, particularly if your fingers are exposed to the elements, bugs, stones flicked up, etc..
  14. I just took my Aplinestars SP1's back to PS after I had them for about 12 months. PS sent them off to Aplinestars who after about 2 weeks said that they couldn't repair or replace them, so I got a refund. Try taking them back to the shop, Aplinestars aren't cheap.
  15. I've had my A* GP plus's for over a year, they've been the main glove I've worn everytime I've ridden. Apart from a single stray fray stitch in a non essential place on both glove and colour wear on a closing tab, they're still in excellent condition.

    I reckon they're a top glove... but I've noted that when it comes to gloves, alpinestars do have a range of quality issues... they're mostly good, but the odd one will be a lemon.

    Can't really help you with suggesting another brand.