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Glove recommendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by simon791, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Need some advise on some gloves..
    I ride everyday to work and spirited rides on weekends..

    I usually stick to the Alpinestars gloves but my last 2 pairs have really let me down, I had a pair of SP-X's and they were terrible, got holes in the fingers and the mesh and suede needed lawn mowing every few weeks.

    Now im riding with the S1's and although there holding up OK now the rubber straps are already ripping at the stitching and cracking.

    Anyone good some good recommendations on a semi short 3/4 road glove?
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    RS Tachi

    Have mess and carbon for Summer; 2 seasons so far and no issues holding up very well. - http://pro1.rs-taichi.com/product/RST415.html
    Have Leather and carbon for winter just started wearing them again for their 2nd season again no issues and looking as good as new. http://pro1.rs-taichi.com/product/RST410.html
    Also have a set of their full length water proof gloves, only worn when it is belting down, absolutely water proof and warm and not as bulky as normal water proof gloves - http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/rs-taichi-wp-carbon-gloves-black-rst399.html

    I ride every day so they have had a good work out no rips all Velcro still good, no issues with stiching etc

    Their full site is here - http://www.rs-taichi.com/main/index.html

    Not sure who stocks them in Sydney however.

    You might try here http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/brands/rs-taichi.html Alex may have some stuff left from his close out sale.

    Cheers Jeremy

    Edit, If you cannot get any in Oz SBTG carries the range with video reviwes etc see here -
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  3. Consider the Dainese range.

    I have had a pair for close to a decade now, they have survived weekend rides and a couple of years of commuting too.

    Now showing some wear and not my everyday gloves anymore, but they have worn remarkably well. I have not ever shown them any love either in the way of leather treatments etc. If they get wet I just dry them out and wear them again.
  4. Don't go near Fives.

    Paid 120 for some Stunts and the stitching has come out on the fingers and knuckles and broke on the tab you use to pull the glove on.
  5. Thanks Guys. I like the look of Taichi RST410 and the Dainese druids s-st might have to give them a run next!
  6. I'm watching this thread with great interest. I'm similar to Simon in that I ride every day, rain hail or shine. My current gloves are in need of replacement. I'm after something quality, for winter and waterproof. I'll check out the RSTs and Dianese.
  7. For my winter wet glove I use the Alpinestars Arctic Drystar they are pretty damn awesome for cold/wet weather!
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  10. I have been looking for something like a simple leather/carbon glove non perforated so you dont get the breeze in winter. I don't like all those big puffy winter gloves you get, you really don't need those in Aus, Just need some normal non perf stuff for late at night when its a bit chilly.

    Any ideas?
  11. I've got a pair of C&R Tarmac III for summer / dry riding that have been OK and a pair of DriRider Storm's for winter / wet weather. Both are full wrist gloves so you might not like them.
    The DriRider do tend to get wet inside after a long wet day, but they are certainly warm enough during winter.

    The only real comment I have is to ensure that whatever you get fit properly and aren't too tight.
  12. Also have a look at Knox gloves.

    I bought a pair of the Orsa gloves for summer and found them quite good, very nice protection.

    I'm thinking of buying a pair of the Covert to replace my Dainese ones.

    Their sizing is very exact, so if you are in between sizes, might be best to go up.

  13. left first
  14. I had a pair of A* GP-X gloves. The synthetic suede on the palm wore through in less than 2000 km.
    I assumed at the time that fake product had contaminated their supply chain as I bought them from a walk in shop, not online.
    An email to A* with my complaint and suspicions and got a reference number and nothing more.
    I've replaced them with a pair of Held Short Race gloves. These have similar features and a kangaroo palm.
    Initially the right thumb was a little short and took a couple of weeks to stretch out. After 6 months, the gloves are very comfortable with no problems.
  15. My Alpinestars GP Plus gloves did not last very long as the stitching on the fingers came loose on multiple fingers on both hands. Terribly disappointed.

    I'm going to purchase the Spidi Carbo Track gloves next time and see how they go.

  16. Mine did that too. Only one finger on one glove which was always slightly tight when I wore the glove and I assumed I stressed it too much. A boot repairer stitched it back up for me.
  17. We still have gloves and other accessories still available at 50% off now. :)
  18. I had the index and middle finger go on the left hand, and the middle finger on the right hand.

    My gloves are fairly snug too, but I actually have a bit of space in the fingers, so I think it's more the quality as large gloves would definitely be much too long in the fingers for me.

    Did the fix job by the boot repairer last? I really like the gloves, so maybe I'll do the same.