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Glove advice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by crinkelcut_chip, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. hey everyone, got my bike and first set of gear on tuesday, all from my local kawasaki dealer.. small shop, looking for gloves, they didnt have a huge selection.
    I have shorter stockier fingers, and the best fit I could find was the dri-rider nordic's.. (not sure how thats spelt) But the fit is shit, and I feel like i need more feeling. with my short fingers they leave a centimeter of fabric at the end of my fingertips.. making it harder to grab the clutch/break, and near impossible to use the indicator. (found the horn by accident a few times)
    I needed a size that big. simply because i couldnt get my hand in a smaller pair.. so big hand short fingers

    First of all, I've been told that Elizabeth st. Melbourne has a heaps of bike shops.. Makes sense to go there, as it happens I have to go into the city some time over this weekend, so I'll pop in then.
    I'll probably be rushed for time, so what shops should I be looking out for first ? What shops will have the largest selection of gloves ?

    Also. if you happen to have shorter stockier fingers like me.. what have you found that works for you ?

    ps. hopefully looking for a winter/wet and a summer/dry set of gloves, coming in to the warmer months might as well get both now.

    thanks guys
  2. depends what you want to get. mars leather have motodry gloves which are serviceable but not fancy. the shop is intimidating but they are OK. peter stevens have a good range but its a bit dependent on which salesman you get and they are not adverse to trying to sell you something expensive. johnny o upstairs at yamaha city might be your best bet.
  3. Peter Stevens has a pretty decent range. You might like to try getting a good pair of leathers and either a waterproof over-glove sorta thing or thermal inner-gloves (I've got a pair of Oxford brand ones) which can help keep you warm.
  4. Left glove first.
  5. gxUmDc0.

  6. I've got shortish fingers and have had a few probs too. Usually I end uo getting a size that is ok for finger length and a little tight across the hand, then just let them wear in.
    If u have some gloves that are a little too large u could try taking them to a boot maker or someone who works leather, see if they can modify them for ya.
    Also, I found the best fit to be either A* or RST. My main gloves are the RST GP Pilot. They fit like a ....err... glove :grin:
  7. The boyfriend had the same problem as you. He found A* were a decent fit. He found his at peter stevens on elizabeth st.
  8. Joe Rocket do shortish fingers.