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Gloucester to Walcha or..

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Mick80, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Hey all,

    Doing Thunderbolts Way on the weekend, just wanting to know if anyone had any advice whether is better to do South to North or North to South.

    Staying in Walcha the night, undecided yet which way I'll head back.

    Thanks for any advice


  2. Makes little difference if you are only going to Walcha.

    There were a few sections North of Gloucester under repair, a fair bit recently been repaired and no lines as of a few weeks back. The big hill North of the lookout was narrow as they are trying to shore it up, and really broken up.

    If headed from Newcastle to Walcha and back, no reason not to do it both ways, but if coming from that end, I'm not sure how you will get to Walcha without going through Long Flat and over the Oxley, and that is a very long way round.
  3. Thanks,

    coming from Sydney, was looking at doing Dungog, Stroud, Gloucester, Walcha. Then home either Oxley or Tamworth.
  4. I'd be inclined to ride Sydney straight up F3/M1 to Port Mac, turn left at the Donut for Wauchope and ride over the Oxley into Walcha, stay overnight, do the reverse in the morning on the way back.
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  5. We just did Old Rd,Bulladela Bends, up to Wauchope and The Oxley,Waterfall,Walcha and Thunderbolts 2 weekends back,My first uphill on The Oxley.That route had to much expressway on the way up but thats hard to avoid ,but that changed 20ks into The Oxley.We are off down south in a month for the anual 4 days so any fuzzy memorys about pecking orders re best bike roads will get crossed off.There is some road works about arround Gloster,a few Red light waits,all it takes is having the time to hit them all.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys
  7. Ya -1 for Thunderbolts. Putty Rd way to the west is much better. U get a good view up the top of Thunderbolts but the road is Swiss cheese.
  8. Thanks for the tips.

    Luckily Putty is a nearby regular weekend ride, was looking to cross a couple of "to do" roads off the list.

    Ended up doing the Old Road (another everyday ride for me), F3, through Raymond Terrace to the Dungog bakery for morning tea. Then to Stroud, then to Roadies at Glouster for lunch.

    Then an afternoon up Thunderbolts and into Walcha. Agreed about the great views, and road not too bad, but I'm not making land speed records on the Trumphy.

    Early arrival, so couple of beers at each pub. A planned 9pm finish rolled into a 1am finish with some locals and another resident of the pub I was staying at.

    My 7am start the next day was more of a 9am start, and even that was dusty.

    Breakfast at the Café then the Oxley, Gingers Creek into Wauchope. Then a very long freeway ride. Off for the Bulahdelah bends (Wootton Way), into Bulahdelah for a late lunch then back to the slab to Calga, then the Old Road just because !

    Crossed a couple off................ next.
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  9. I like your priority's,good roads linked by good food stops.
  10. Thanks for the report, Im looking at doing this ride early next year with my young bloke (L"s) in my mind "fuel" stops go a long way to making a trip successful.
    Awesome food is just a bonus,,,,,,,, thanks again for taking us along for the ride.