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Globe size for Hyosung gt250r?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by johnny250, May 8, 2008.

  1. hey guys
    couldnt find anything on the net about the globe size for gt250r.

  2. Would it be easier to just remove it and take a look? :-k
  3. Look in the service manual...

                          Unfaired              Faired
    Head lamp        HI   12V - H4 : 60W × 1    12V - H1 : 55W
                     LO   12V - H4 : 55W × 1    12V - H3 : 55W
    Brake / Tail lamp     12V - 21/5W × 1
    Turn signal lamp      12V - 10W × 4
    License plate lamp    12V - 5W × 1
  4. That or just whip it out at the petrol station... The globe, I mean.
  5. The koreans use nomal globes and valve cores. Even Hyo aren't that stupid.
  6. wat happens if i put a aftermarket globe that has 100w then the original 55w it says , would this stuff anything up or should be ok
  7. Bang or melty melty
  8. Do not under any circumstances put a 100w globe in there. It will fry the wires and switches which are only designed for 55? watts and could cause a fire.

    You will not get a great deal more light from changing the globe however I think some riders have had reasonable response from Phillips globes which seem to be about 30% brighter for the same wattage, however they cost $50.

    The best bet is to install a (real) HID kit from Ebay for $100. You can check out a forum called ko....something which will give you advice on how to do this.

    The GT250r headlight is renowned for being inadequate.
  9. dunno if you'd want to put HID's in a little 250 bike. it wouldn't turn over enough to keep the alternator charged. Even tho they are 35Wer's the balasts still draw a lot of current or seomthing. Im no auto electrition but um yeah. There is a good thread on the CBR forums regarding this in deatil.
  10. IMHO you could probably get away with using the higher wattage bulb (I've done it myself in a GS450 many moons ago), but it would be cleverer to install another positive lead direct from the battery(with a fuse) to the headlight, and then a relay. I won't try to tell you how to wire it as if you don't know/can't find someone who does, you shouldn't mess with it.

    The existing circuit will be protected against overload by a fuse anyway, so if you try the 100w bulb and it doesn't blow the fuse you'll be OK. In theory you would get less life out of the high/low beam switch as you're switching more current, but in practice it won't be significant as the rest of the bike will wear out before the switch will.

    My GS500 has a passing light switch which flashes the high beam, so if you use that you are running both beams at the same time which means the wiring is OK for double the normal load. If you have such a switch, i would suggest not using or even disconnecting it if you install the 100w globe.
  11. Don't go higher wattage, go Xenon H4's

    You can get them at Repco or Supercheap.

    The Xenon bulbs burn a shitload brighter than the standard yellow Halogens you get from the servo, and don't use up more power.

    HID kits are illegal in australia with good reason, an improperly adjusted HID setup can make other road users temporarily blind.