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Global Warming.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Here's one for you lot to knock your selves out on,

    How does Global warming stack up when you compare Volcanic Eruptions over the last 500 years with global warming and the earths temperature over the time,

    And the Earths temperature movements at the same time as a volcanic eruption,

    Keeping in mind, that actual recordings of Volcanic eruptions was only available in the 20 century,
    Previous to that, volcanic activety is determined to have occured only by modern day technology.

    How many coal fired power stations or wood chip mills does it take to equal one decent volcanic eruption,

    One very large volcano blows its top, It can bring on Global freezing or an ice age within 12 months,

    Enjoy your selves, Hahahaha

    This will be entertaining,

  2. CO2 == carbon dioxide.... MmmmOKay

    From the same website:

    Volcanic versus anthropogenic CO2 emissions

    Do the Earth’s volcanoes emit more CO2 than human activities? Research findings indicate that the answer to this frequently asked question is a clear and unequivocal, “No.” Human activities, responsible for a projected 35 billion metric tons (gigatons) of CO2 emissions in 2010 (Friedlingstein et al., 2010), release an amount of CO2 that dwarfs the annual CO2 emissions of all the world’s degassing subaerial and submarine volcanoes (Gerlach, 2011).
  3. Just in case any one missed that, lets see it again...

    Given what's gone down on the "Stop the tax" thread, I'm calling shenanigans! Thanks for playing! :popcorn:
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  5. :-s I just checked into this thread only to discover a mini holocaust occurred among the posts with only a few survivors. (Like stumbling in on a Tarantino-esque gun fight where no one' left standing, and not knowing what it was about.) What happened? What did I miss?
  6. When are the next round of volcanic activety supposed to start again, They have been quiet for some time, They do go off within a reasonable average of time.

    Some of those graphs look like we are almost ready for another few pop offs,

    Keep watching this space, You never know what might fire up. hahahahaha
  7. As far as I understand it, the problem with arguing the fatalist viewpoint "Humans are insignificant compared to [volcanoes|methane escaping the antarctic ice|bacteria|whatever] therefore anything we do will only have a very minor impact", is that there is evidence that the earths biosphere forms a large interconnected chaotic system, that happens to be in a relatively stable state at the moment.

    What do I mean by chaos? It's the idea that a system that may operate via fairly simple rules can behave randomly, and that a relatively tiny change in the input parameters may cause a very large change in the overall system behaviour. It's the idea behind the concept of the "butterfly effect".

    Lorenz attractors, fractals, double pendulums and other such things also exhibit chaotic behaviour.

    So to bring things back on topic, it may be that we're only incrementally adding a very small amount of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere, and it may be a relatively small amount compared to other cyclical natural processes, but the issue is that the incremental amount we're adding may be enough to severely disrupt the overall system.

    Maybe it will, maybe it won't.. If we have the option to reduce our impact, why wouldn't we?
  8. Climate change - yes
    Global warming - quite possibly
    Cause - man made CO2 emissions - this one I have trouble with.
  9. What other explanation would you offer up for the cause? What credentials do you have to support your conclusion?
  10. Circle of fire anyone? Pacific ring?

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  11. its all a crock

    They said our dam will never fill again (Sydney warragamba) its now over full and all that extra water is flooding the area

    They say we will never see winter again, um, where was our summer?

    list goes on

    They are using stats from now and what happened over 100 years ago, the cities wernt concrete jungles back then

    message to the pollys, toss it off
  12. Gotta love chaos huh?

    Question is, do you trust the scientists and engineers who spend years studying and analysing carefully gathered data, and freely admit when there are error bars attached to their results (even if the media may not report it as such), or do you trust hyperbole and anecdotes from armchair experts who attempt to draw conclusions from isolated occurrences and their own recollections of events?
  13. Personally, I drink until I fall over (surrounding myself with empties), look at the pattern of cuts an' write down what it looks like, look at the pools/splatters of blood and write down what they look like, then combine these with what the first cloud I see when I look out the window, and voilà, I have my opinion/prediction/answer!

    It may seem like a strange way to do things, but I suggest trying it sometime. Sounds much better through a haze of alcohol and blood loss. I've found it's at least as effective as randomly selecting paragraphs from the Herald Sun, and has a less detrimental effect.
  14. My mates and I were having a chat on the weekend over a few brews. . .

    We got on to the inherent arrogance of the hunman race.

    -We are quick to take credit for good outcomes, who else- God?
    -If something's wrong- we did it or it must be our fault because we're the centre of the universe.
    -If somethin's broken, anything! we can fix it. We just have to be committed.
    -The more it hurts us, the more we need it (this sounds a bit Christian too, suffering)
    -The solution to all 'man-made' problems it to reinstate the Earth to what it was before we meddled and get back to the trees.

    Another interesting observation we discussed is the different gender responses to adverse situations. Men seek to find an external cause because it can't be their fault. Women look for an internal cause- they take responsibility (even when they aren't responsible)

    In a nutshell- in the face of an adverse situation a male asks what went wrong whereas generally a female will ask, what did I do wrong.

    The bunch of us concluded that as there is a greater representation of women in politics, media and the green movement (including males in touch with their feminine sides), there is currently an over abundance of the 'we are responsible for the state of the World' mentallity.

    But then again, maybe it was just a bunch of blokes spinning shit over a few beers.

    Hang on, I'll just put the flame suit on. . . OK to post now.
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  16. GW is a term dropping away from use.

    Global climate change is more accurate. Rain patterns are shifting. New records are being written for temperature, rain fall, lack of rain fall, winds, floods, droughts etc etc. That alone should be enough of a sign post to say something is happening.

    Deadman keeps spouting about 7 and 11 year cycles... but there's nothing magical about those cycles - they're not mechanical and rigid. They occur for a reason. Upset the system enough and those cycles will be disrupted too.
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  18. If Yellowstone goes a carbon tax will be the least of your worries.
  19. They forgot Krakatoa, blew once, not long ago, it has reemerged out of the ocean, and it was a baby compared to the size of the crater it had grown out off,

    7 and 11 year cycles are only averageing out the drought and wet cycles we have
    had here in Victoria since 1860,

    Its on the wall at the Wandin Museum if you care to have a look,

    50 years ago, they were considered localized events, Now we know, they are world wide,

    Shit, I am older than modern technology,

    I was around when all this modern shit and technology was just pure imagination,

    We had to use a brain, eyes and hearing to find out what was going on,

    World wide knowledge was extremely limited,

    A volcano erupting in a remote place would more than likely go unnoticed, 50 years ago,

    Now, you would have people all over it recording its every moment, Probably even predicting it happening,
  20. On Krakatoa, and volcanos generally, although its true that they spew out CO2 and other "warming" gases, they also put a heap of ash into the atmosphere which blocks/reflects sunlight thereby having an overall cooling effect. So Krakatoa has mitigated AGW effects, not contributed to it.



    Of course, this is merely science, and can easily be invalidated by waffle from our resident sceptics.