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glipschitz on the Gold Coast

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by glipschitz, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Well yes, I have taken a week to have some sun, surf and nerd fest :p

    Pocket Protectors of the World Unite! :LOL:

    I'm staying in Broadbeach until Friday and then I am migrating to Brisbane for the weekend, and would love to meet some of the Banana Benders while up here.

    Give me a hoy on the mobile 0403 049 749 or PM me for the addy.

    Will be available in the evenings, at a conference during the day.


  2. mothers of the gold coast, you know what to do!!
    (seriously, greg, enjoy!)
  3. Hehehehe, yes, mothers bewareo. :LOL:

    Thanks Paul. Day 1 is good. People are obviously listening to my work voicemail and I've only had 2 calls so far :D

    I am not liking this humidity much at all. Much prefer the cold wet Melbourne weather! :p

  4. It ain't cold and it ain't raining down here today! :LOL:
  5. If it's Queensland, it's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

    :p :p :p :p :p
  6. drop everything glipschitz, cancel all your plans, extend your holiday, GOLD COAST BIKE WEEK starts tomorrow.

    Dates for Gold Coat Bike Week are Tues Aug 30 to Mon Sept 5. Highlights this year include Australian National Chopper Show, 2005 Miss Bike Week Pageant, Surfers Mainstreet Celebrations, National Motorcycling Hall of Fame, Aussie 4 Stroke Minibike Nationals, Jack Daniels Party Nite, The Legendary Biker Ball, Female Body Air Brushing Comp, Dyno Shootout, the Madman from Darwin on his jetbike, and heaps of Rides.

  7. God Dammit!

    Why did I leave the Across at home.... well the most obvious reason is I flew up.... but god dammit!

    And I'm stuck in a very expensive conf for the next 4 days..... :(

    Oh well.... shit happens.... :( :( :(

  8. Hey G,

    Dont worry about the slow responses... Only three people ever made contact with Roarin and I when we travelled to Brisbane for a ride......

    Tanya, Dan, V-quist

    The rest ran in terror to hide :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I'm not fussed, have plenty to do up here to keep me busy. If no one wants to come a drinkin with me then ill quite happily hit the bars by myself :p

  10. Can't you HIRE a bike on the Gold Coast? Ye gods, you can hire/rent/borrow/buy every other thing......
  11. Have no need to hire/beg/borrow or steal a bike. I am 5 mins walk from the convention centre where my conf is. Bike would get warmer in the sun than on the trip :LOL:

    Time to go and sit in the spa :D

  12. as Hercules Grip-pine Thynne used to say "I don't wish to know that!"
  13. I was wondering why you weren't at Deyago's.
    Seems as if everyone is migrating to the North.
  14. Have you run away because Lids has told you it's over! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Just kidding enjoy the sunshine, and i will have one 6' tall & blonde 34 24 34.
  15. Yes Steve, I am shattered. I had to get away to clear my mind. I just couldn't take it any more :p :LOL:

  16. ello :)
    I won't be doing anything, no time atm between work and packing :(

    and besides you don't want to be riding here right now, the cops have it in for bikes really big time. They stalked a group ride i did yesterday, we were just lucky enough to be warned in time to avoid it.

    10 cops in 15km of road, and they were getting everything, from fender elims, exhausts, indicators, even stickers on helmets. One cop even had a homemade device to check mudguards.
  17. Ah Queensland, the Police State!!!
  18. You know perfectly well why you left the accross at home.... hahahahahahahahahahaha say no more, say no more. :p :wink:
  19. I had a feeling that they would be out this weekend with all the people in town for bike week... I've been on my best behaviour even when commuting.

    Where was the group ride?
  20. OK Dan, we need some clarification here. How, exactly, do you define your best behaviour????? :LOL: