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Glen Scott

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by bretto61, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. I don't know how many of you know or have heard of a young Aussie rider named Glen Scott.
    But I am sure a lot more of you do now by the ABC Australian story recently done on him and his family.
    I am a hard ass and it takes a lot to move this old fool emotionally. But if anyone deserves all the help we can give, then this kid and his family are it. He really is struggling and as we all know it is next to impossible to get enough sponsership to survive riding in this country let alone over seas, and this kid has the talent and potential to be world class.
    As I said I am a hard ass and have never been into giving money for anything but beer. But if the mods here can organise something I will be the first one to throw a hundred bucks in to help this family realise their dreams.

  2. Put me down for $20

  3. Sad story indeed but I think that an investment in the nursery makes more sense:rolleyes:
  4. Well you could set up a trust fund and start the ball rolling if you feel so strongly.
  5. Watched the boy race many times (and his talented sister, too). Top little peddler. Having said that, I'm sure that there are many other sporting people who have had to overcome similar setbacks in their careers, so I'm not sure why this one should be any different. If it's just because he rides a bike then I don't really see why he should be singled out for special attention.

    Don't get me wrong, I think they are terrific kids, but they are hardly unique.
  6. Well said......and Doohan on the intro!!! What is that supposed to do?

    He was spoon fed his entire career so why doesnt he spend some of his cash as others did on him?:-s
  7. sorry mate, but that asssumption is rubbish.
    Mick Doohan started off with a passion, a C grade proddy rider from Qld, broken old rusted ute, no money, etc etc .
    He contested the Aussie Champs with NO support.
    He was good enough to get a spot in Team Honda Australia.
    Then he just happened to be good enough to win a few GP world titles.
    there is a book written about Michael's early days by Mat Oakley, called "Thunder down Under", It is worth a read about an amazing personal achievement from maybe Australias best ever sportsman. Cheers.

    Oh by the way, Mick's rise to the top, from an unsupported 17 year old, to the top GP rider, was quick and very, very, fast.
  8. Dont believe all that you read sport:!:
  9. Amazing isn't it? Every time these bitter old road racers weigh into a thread they pollute it.
  10. read???

    What do you think he was doing as a 17 year old?
  11. I thought he was turning down million dollar Nike contracts at 17? No?
  12. +2,3,4,5...
    It touched me as I had the same bad deal when I was a young takker. No parents and a brother with the weight of the world on his shoulders. We tried but yeh, money, time and life dealt me out of the game. Still love my bikes and anyone willing to have a go.
  13. in regards to raising money, even though his story is sad, i would rather the money go to a childrens hospital to save lives, im sure if Glen sticks at it somehow, he will eventualy get there 1 day
  14. My sentiments entirely.
  15. very touching story, I think Glen will go places with or without the help of donations.
    I wish him and his brother and sister all the best in the future.
  16. yep, and that with the $$$ from the Qld Government, it was Mick that bought Barry Sheene his helicopters.
  17. That's rubbish.
  18. nah, this is rubbish.