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Glebe residents? :D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by siwanut, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Heya fellow riders.

    just curiousity. i dont really see alota riders around glebe, or maybe u guys ride out too early to work?..

    so if u are nearby or live in glebe we can try to organise meet up and just chill out or sumthing.

    u can teach me a few things or two :) get to know each other.
  2. I think it's because all the houso's have stolen and trashed any bikes on the street in Glebe.
  3. 'Glebe' :shock:
    That may explain things :p
  4. Lol, its not as bad nowadays, their rebuilding side walks and streets been cleaner than before, if u've happen to go past look around =]

    shops here still same.. few new ones here and there but i'd recommend

    "Sharky's Fish n chips shop" it has the best chips

    but for the best fried chicken there's one in marickville its near the lights as u turn right into the main road. *across from block buster i think. BEST fried chicken. Got to try.