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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, May 11, 2009.

  1. I myself wear perscription glasses and having to shove them in in the tight helmet is a pain(literally) and not very comfortable.
    I also have some contacts but there are times when i just cant wear them.

    Those of you who wear perscription glasses, any advice/tips for me?

  2. yep

    buy a flip-front helmet

    problem solved
  3. Find a helmet that works with your glasses without pain? Find a new frame that works with your helmet? I'm serious.

    I have 2x prescription sunnies and 1x prescription clear glasses. I can wear all three sets without pain with my Shoei TZ-R however one pair of sunnies (a wrap-around) sticks out slightly too far from my eyes when worn in the helmet.
  4. I wear glasses and find that my sunglasses fit into my helmet better than my normal glasses as they aren't as wide. I find if i give my helmet a little jiggle after i slide my glasses on they are more comfortable as long as they aren't pressing up against my the outside of my ear.
  5. try get yourself some thin titanium frames, rimless glasses
    the arm can bend in those funny spots
    alot of helmets these days come with slots to slide the arms
  6. Shoei are the best I've found for glasses.
    I had an HJC before that which was ok...

    Shark are pathetic.

    Try before you buy.
  7. also can i higly recommend the bausch and lomb pure vision lenses.

    you can leave them in for a month, sleep with them etc. havent had a problem in about 4 years
  8. +1 for TZ-R, Shoei was the only one that I felt comfortable with glasses. I think you should try different helmet brands to find which one is comfy for you.
  9. I read an article a while ago that suggested cutting the ear pieces off the end of the glasses, then sealing the end with rubber. Might not be a particularly good idea if they're expensive glasses, but it could work :p

    The article is here: webbikeworld. com/r4/motorcycle-glasses/
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  11. Shoei helmets are glasses friendly! The two Shoei helmets I've had allowed me to fit my prescription glasses (and sunglasses) quite well. There's basically a grove that lets the glasses slip in. Works fine and glasses are pretty secure.
  12. Yes thanks guys! I found gaps to slide them in, all these times i've been riding with the pain of the frames pressed into my head.
  13. I owe a Shoei at the moment. I also owed a KBC helmet. I had no problems with sliding glasses in. My sunnies are a bit bigger, so they fill up the whole area. My normal specs are smaller, so they fit tight onto my face.

    I thought this was going to be a thread about glasses fogging up. Clean your glasses and visor with anti-fog before riding. That has helped me so far.
  14. I have Nike flexon frames. Thin as paper and slide right in. Can almost twist them in a full circle and they retain their shape. Also very easy to get on and off.
  15. just read up on these - they sound perfect for me!
    my current lenses aren't astigmatism corrective
  16. I have a kbc helmet and don't have any issue with glasses.
    I have very thin frames. To bad it isn't the same for the lenses.

    Just a slight tangant...

    Does anyone with contact lenses find any issues with the wind? Like drying out the lenses etc.
  17. I wear glasses too, I'm *supposed* to wear them when I drive and therefore I guess I'm supposed to wear them riding too. I did in the beginning - I'll admit I don't try to squash them in anymore because it hurts the sides of my head and I don't really need them to ride - I just wear them to watch TV or use the computer or read etc.

    But if you really need them and contacts are no good - maybe you need a slightly bigger helmet? or maybe some squishy glasses. hehe.
  18. I have an Arai Vector and have no issues. My frames are fairly thin, so slipping glasses on or off is no problem.

    The problem i find with my glasses, is i have to tilt my head up as not to have the top of the frames interfering with my vision. This leads to neck strain over a longer ride. I have looked at other frames and get a similar problem and contacts i would not be able to handle every day (got one set just for paintball), plus i look good with glasses.

    The other problem is glare, especially at night. My glasses have an anti-reflective coating, but this seems to do little. Light from headlights seems to bounce between glasses and helmet visor making the glare worse. Wondering if there are any good anti-reflective visors, or polaroid visors (not sure if this would not make things too dark at night), or something to knock out the glare. At night i tend to ride with the visor up which i know is not ideal.
  19. You need to try different brands to see how they fit. Mine is a shoei and it fits good. I cant remember what brand my previous one is but the shoei was a better fit. I tried a flip up one, but it wasnt better fit for me with glasses.
  20. I've got two pairs of prescription glasses, one wider than the other. The both fit in my Shoei TZ-R. I had an Arai Condor a few years ago and my glasses fit nicely in that helmet as well.

    Here's the best tip you can get if you wear glasses and ride.... Don't forget to take your glasses off before you pull off your helmet! I've made the mistake a few times.

    Another suggestion is consider transition lenses. I've got them and don't have to muck about with sunglasses or a tinted visor.