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Glasses fogging up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samboss260, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Not sure if this is just me, or there is a trick that I'm not aware of.

    Riding last night, when at a stop my glasses kept fogging up. I typically ride with my visor up and whenever I stopped the glasses would fog up. Once I took off they would unfog but sitting at a set of lights and taking off fogged up is not good.

    I have heard that there are sprays to assist in visits and glasses not fogging up.

    Any tips or suggestions?

  2. laser eye surgery ?
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  3. Unfortunately, not an option for everyone Takemii. I can't have it, and I have trouble with glasses fogging too. Of course, this nullifies the benefits of pinlocks, fog cities etc etc. Additionally, one has to be careful what preparations we put on our glasses as they are not necessarily made out of the same material as visors.

    Good luck with it. I haven't found anything yet, but am currently trialling a spray used by motocross riders on their goggles (so far seems pretty useless, but is supposed to improve with continued use, so I'll give it a chance. Seems to be a posh version of the dishwashing liquid trick).
  4. Hi,

    I don't wear glasses; however, I regularly ride in the Alpine area's, so fogging up becomes an issue.

    I just put a dot of 'Morning Fresh' dishwashing liquid on my finger and smear it over the inside of my helmet visor, then rub it almost off with paper towel.

    just carry a little with you and redo it when you refuel.

    works for me.
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  5. I wear Glasses and keep my visor shut (winters now) all the time and since I started using the Pinlock insert, I very rarely get foggy glasses. The visor does fog up on odd occasion (esp when it’s raining) or two but clears up as soon as the bike takes off.

    Best part is even when it fogs up, it’s very little compared to the pre-pinlock time. SO I’m pretty happy with my $45 investment. :)
  6. try to use microfibre cloth instead of paper towel as paper towel leaves very minute scratches that build up over time
  7. I've been wearing glasses under a huge number of different helmets since I started riding and I haven't found anything that truly stops them fogging under the influence of your exhaled breath.....
  8. I am currently using a spray I am trialling out to see if it works well. It is by RS Taichi and so far has worked wonders. I spray both the inside of my visor and both sides of my glasses and neither fog up when standing at the lights. However you may need to apply once a week if you are a daily commuter or clean the inside of your visor constantly.

    I will be putting up a review of it when I get the chance...which will most likely be this weekend.
  9. back in the days when I was working in a cold room I had to constantly take products in and out of the cold room and my glasses fogged up when it met the icy cool air to the warm outside air. The solution didn't hit me untill the factory made me get prescription safety glasses. The place sold these bottles of liquid that you spray over your glasses and wipe of the excess its a cleaner/anti-fogger. Works great never a problem again but going to a dozen other optoms they never had a product that does the anti-fog thing only cleaners. Only place I can get it is in Acacia Ridge/ Brisbane.

    I can vouch for it works brillantly on rainy days. I've used other products like cat crap but still had slight issues of light fogging under heavy breathing at the lights.
  10. What they said.

    The only time it hasn't worked for me was on one pair of glasses that had some sort of anti-reflective coating on them.

    I find using the diswashing liquid (shampoo works as well), lasts for a couple of hours.

    The only thing is don't use too much, you only need about enough to cover a 1c piece, if you use too much it smears too much.

    Also, don't get any on the outside of the visor. I made that mistake once, it froze solid.
  11. I use Rain-X on the external visor, windscreen on car, and I use their anti fog on the inside of the windscreen [which works] wonder if will work with glasses?
  12. You need to master the art of breathing down (ie out of your helmet).
  13. Can anyone explain a bit of info on this pinlock thing? Is it a whole replacement visor that is fog and sun resistant that you buy for your specific helmet or an aftermarket addon?
  14. It's an add on that hooks onto pins on the inside of the visor.
  15. Where abouts at Acacia Ridge? I'm desperate to try something like this
  16. I find they usually fog up at lights when I am stationary. So now I just hold my breath till the lights turn green or I turn blue, whichever occurs first. :)
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  17. Been doing a fair bit of googling on this, and have stumbles across a product called "cat crap", yes cat crap.

    Has anybody used it?
  18. I do a lot of scuba diving, we use anti-fog on our masks to prevent this. It usually works unless you're really puffing away, I wonder if it would work? McNett Sea Gold is a popular brand that many use.
  19. Geez Jimmyz, how technical! We used good ol' spit in ours!
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  20. Cat Crap. Works a treat.