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Glandular Fever- long whinge

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by disk_1, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Three things i have learned
    1) Kissing girls is bad. They carry too many germs! :p
    2) Medicine is only in its infancy. Doctors truly have no idea about the human body.
    3) Health is the most important thing in life. Nothing, i mean nothing is anywhere as important

    A few years ago i was admitted to hospital because of an inability to eat/drink and development of a breathing problem. All caused by the extreme swollen nature of my glands in my neck.

    Preceding tests and various infectious disease expert visits gave no indication to the cause. Tested for everything under the sun. A focus was put on leukemia and glandular fever. Tests for both showed nothing.

    Five days in hospital and a few different steroids and i was out. Final diagnosis from doctors. Glandular fever despite blood tests showing no antibodies. Subsequent blood tests weeks and months later confirmed no glandular fever. Doctors believed i was in the <2% of people who with glandular fever do show no trace of the virus.

    12 months of recovery followed. Extreme fatigue, sweats, tension headaches, hypersensitivity to stress, hypersensitivity to cold/hot. I eventually got slightly better.

    Next two years I suffered with chronic tonsillitis, constant resurfacing campylobacter bacterial infections and various other medical issues. I eventually got slightly better.

    I had 6 months drug/pain/medical issues free. Was able to get back into gym, get back into cycling and was absolutely loving life.

    February this year. Tonsillitis with a vengeance. Totally resistant to antibiotics and i had to have emergency tonsillectomy. Also diagnosed with glandular fever despite subsequent blood tests at best showing 'inconclusive result'. 4 weeks off work. 2 months of recovery but i improved without as many post infection issues as last time.

    1 month of reasonable health.

    May this year. Went out on the weekend with mates. I wasnt feeling 100% but that was almost usual for me. I mistakenly gave into peer pressure and had one shot of sambucca. I was so drunk and so ill later that night off one shot. I was back at the doctors on monday. Headaches, sore teeth, funny off taste in my mouth, swollen glands and hypersensitivity to cold/heat.

    First doctor diagnosis. Basic cold/flu virus 'go away'. Didn't improve obviously.

    Second opinion. Sinus infection and glandular fever. Blood tests showed my liver was really sick to the point it was thought my liver would manifest hepatitis on its own *damn*. Blood tests showed presence of glandular fever.

    So, three weeks off work.

    I had my first full time week of work this week. I still feel absolutely horrible.


    Who here has battled glandular fever? Any tips?

    I needed to vent. I am a bit frustrated at the moment.

    My closest friends dont even know how much ive struggled over the past years. Sure, they know i have been sick a little but as silly as it sounds i hate people knowing about my issues. I am more comfortable venting to strangers.

    My goal is to do the great victorian bike ride this year.

    Never take your health for granted!

    Stay safe,
  2. Kissing boys can be bad too :p

    Feel sorry for you bro.
    Everyone has shit in their life that brings them down, your not the only one :)
  3. Hey there...

    I feel your pain... I however was quite lucky when i had glandular fever a few years ago...

    At first it was diagnosed a tonsilitis. The day after i couldnt swallow and went to get a second opinion. After a few blood tests, it turned out to be good old GF :mad:

    I was bedridden for 3 weeks and the ambulance was called to our house because i stopped breathing in my sleep several times.
    My spleen and kidney were so swollen that i wasnt allowed to do anything but very mild walking (no lifting, running, etc) for 6 months so my kidney and spleen could recover without permanent damage!!!! :shock:

    In total, i was extremely sick and bedridden for 4 weeks and after that initial period, i was well, but had to be wary of my kidney and spleen.

    Since then, i have had no reoccuring symptoms.

    Ive also heard quite a few conflicting opinions with Glandular Fever.
    Some docs say you only get it once, and others say its reoccuring :?:

    I would suggest trying to research as much as you can on your symptoms.
    Secondly, have you considered Eastern Medicines/Naturopaths etc?
    Western medicine is all about shoving as many pills down our throats as possible and in most cases it helps, but medicines like penicillin also kill the good bacteria that our bodies need to fight viruses and to keep our immune system at its strongest...

    Also, are there things going on in your life that would cause you stress?
    Certain issues that you might not be dealing with?

    It could be a case of think,ing outside the square?

    Anyway, good luck and i really do hope you recover soon! Glandular fever is a sh!t sickness to have to put up with :(

  4. Ohhhhh yeah baby,I had it :cry: it sugged BIG STYLE!!!!
    Was visiting my best female for the weekend,in 2000, who live in Torquay, innocently kissed her goodbye,and whaaalah,congratultions,you have just put you life on hold for 8-12 months :shock:
    Had a 1 way ticket to London booked in 6 weeks time and had to cancel :? LOTS AND LOTS OF SLEEP! and truckloads of meditation. I thought chronic fatigue syndrome was a croc o stimpy till I caught GF.Like running a marathon,FOR MONTHS.
  5. When I was about 7yrs old I 'pulled a sickie' and told my Mum I wasn't feeling well. Truth was I hated my new school (all girls catholic school) and just wanted to go back home (NZ) to my Nana.

    Mum took me to the medical centre and the damn doc started looking at me and doing his doc stuff whilst I tried to look and act as sick as possible. I am and always have been a shite liar/actor so half expected him to see straight through me. Instead he turned to Mum and grimly said that it looked like I had glandular fever...blah blah blah...and then he said the magic words - that I'd have to take a considerable amt of time off school. Like 2mths. I was like :shock: But also :eek: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    We lived in a caravan at a caravan park just outside Traralgon at the time. February. Stinking hot.

    It was great for like the first two days...lying back on the bed watching Days of Our Lives and the Young and the Restless...sucking on icy poles and having nana naps....but then it got bad real quick.

    Two mths off school living in a little caravan with a chainsmoking woman who had the tele switched to soapies and talk shows all day, and two little sisters...both in nappies...(nappies + caravan + 30degree days = :sick: ](*,) :tantrum: :LOL: ).

    I did get to do lots of reading though! Tis how I discovered the beauty of books :) :)
  6. Can't give tips, just my glandular fever story. I got my licence (age 18), had the car I had saved with my own $$$ from working (an LJ Torana, 350 chev in it, yella terra - roller rockers blah blah. Went damn quick for a car back then). Day I get my licence, I felt a fair bit off after the test. Put it down to possible nerves from the test. Wake up next day, "crook as a dog". Dad had to take me to the local doctors and he suspected glandular fever. Blood test confirmed it. I got in a REAL REAL bad state. I was in so much pain, my whole body would convulse in pain each time I swallowed. Sweats and all over body ache/fatigue. Couldn't eat and back then, I recall losing 16 kgs "overall".

    I was virtually unable to get out of bed for around 6 months. It was total agony for about 4-5 months I think. Mum + Dad had to put fruit in a blender so I could (painfully) drink it from a straw for my vitamins and stuff. I recall one instance when a mate who came over to visit said he could see "puss dripping down the back of my throat" (possibly when I was able to get out of my bed(room) and lie on the couch so I could just look at my car. I was unable to drive it for a total of about 8-9 months I think. Well something like that anyway. I'd lie on the couch, still unable to speak, just groan and moan due to the pains I felt. Mates who lived near me would pop im and just sit next to me for a while and them just telling stories to try to get me to feel better. Pretty much just like a tv scene where people are at someones hospital bedside reading stories whilst they were in a coma or something.

    After a while of being able to leave the bed(room), I was finally able to get out of the house to sit in the car and just dream I was fit enough to drive. Dad would take it for runs around the block and be terrified for me due to the guts it had. (He was young and silly, at age 17, driving a 55 chev *I think it was 55 or 57, definitely wasn't a 56, I always remembered it was one year off*, whilst doing 110 mph he lost control, got thrown out of the windscreen and hit a tree. He spent his 18 to 21st bdays in a coma. He has a metal plate in his forehead because of it... He didn't want to see me doing the same thing when he first drove)

    Anyway, I eventually healed up, it took almost a year (gee, I seem to like the long injuries, as always, I never do anything by half as my parents + friends say) and I could actually drive the car. A year or so later, smashed it up due to falling asleep at around 6 or 7am coming home from Uni doing a COBOL assignment, 45 km'iash drive, I fall asleep less than 5 mins from home, didn't even feel tired at all whilst driving home. Well, COBOL wasn't the only thing that kept me there til 6, I was also playing a game, MUD.

    Well, theres ma story, off to bed, just got home from a ride + dinner "date" with my girlfriend. Anniversary tomorrow, didn't wanna celebrate it on a Sunday night. heh

    *YAWN* What a BUSY BUSY day I've had... night all!
  7. I am actually coming up to my one year GF anniversary.

    I was very lucky reading some of the stories here. I basically had none of the usual symptoms-no swollen glands, sore throat etc, but my head felt like it was trying to turn itself inside out for around two weeks.
    I had to sit inside during the day with all the blinds drawn, and lights on in other rooms at night cause it just hurt my eyes and head too much. I was sleeping in the range 18-22 hours a day for those two weeks. I lost 5kgs over the two weeks-most of it in the first week. Then another 5kg when I got a cold about two months later.
    Since then every month or so I start getting tired, legs start hurting, no strength and the only thing to do is go to bed or sit and rest. Having said all that I still think I got off lucky. The first two weeks were awful...after that it has just been a pain in the arse, but it is something I am used to now, and I am slowly getting better. It still freaks my mother out when I am in the middle of something, and have to suddenly go and have a rest like an invalid. It also has curtailed my drinking habits- a couple of drinks now and I just know I will be sore the next day.

    I have very few tips. The only thing that has helped me is drinking heaps of water and trying to eat a bit more healthily than I was. I pretty much keep away from the beer now- one carton has lasted since christmas, and the last beer is in the fridge now.

    Good luck.
  8. It's the girls that are the real risk. I caught it from kissing a girl. On the bright side, she was totally hot! :grin:

    I was in yr12 when I got it. It knocked me down for a good 3 months before I started to feel reasonable again. It was responsible for many throat infections for years after. Not nice at all. :(

    Hasn't stopped me kissing girls though. :LOL:
  9. I was very very lucky with my glandular fever. Only had one week off school...was a bit out of it, couple of hallucinations and stuff, but nothing major.

    I did have troubles with my throat for quite a few years later. Everytime I got the sniffles my glands would swell up, but nothing compared to what some people go through.

    It's hard for me to offer advice seeing I did have it so easy, but keeping fluids up and eating what you can - even if it's lemonade icy poles etc - will at least give you a little energy to store when you just can't fathom eating any time that century!
  10. From reading the above, I got off lightly!

    I had it 10 years ago when I was 19. One day I woke up and was very lethargic and had a sore throat. Dr said it was glandular fever and spent the next week in bed before I started to feel better. Basically didn't eat or drink much as anything that i had felt like I was swallowing razor blades. Ended up losing 7kg in a week, which was a lot seeing I hardly weighed anything in the first place.

    After about 10 days I was starting to feel normal again but was told no alcohol for 6 months as my liver was shot and had to see the Dr for tests every 2 months. Fitness was next to zero afterwards and it was a slow process of getting back to my original fitness level.

    10 Years on and my liver is still slowly recovering, although I feel fine and have so for many years.
  11. I had it pretty bad when I was about 19 or 20. I was at Uni and was drinking too much and not eating healthy and I eventually got myself really run down. Was going to doctors to try and find out the problem as I was waking up in the morning at 7 am having breakfast, 10 am I thought it was lunch time so I would need to eat again then by 1 - 2pm I thought it was dinner time and would need to eat again then go to sleep. Rinse and Repeat. For 3 months trying to figure out the problem.

    Nearing the end of that period I had ulcers all down my throat and in my mouth, Swollen glands, and had lost 15kg. I went from being 5"10' and 60kg to weighing 45kg. (Great way to lose pounds before a show) and was just losing it.

    I go to a birthday party which one of my doctors was at (had been seeing about 3 trying to work out what was wrong). I went and had two beers and he was just staring at me. He comes up to me and tells me to go home and come into the hospital the next day and he will meet me there at 9am. So I went in and he was like you have glandular fever and put me in hospital for 7 days. On a drip. Couldn't eat or drink and had no energy. I was also in a hospital room by myself with no TV. Luckily I was sleeping 20 hours a day. And because I grew up in the country a couple of my mates mums were my nurses and I still talk about there mums giving me sponge baths and asking if they will do it again.

    The aftermath was the worst. I suffered chronic fatigue for over a year and still feel it after a huge weekend of a couple of days drinking. And I suffered from an eating disorder for 3 years afterwards. My body changed in a way that I just didn't feel hungry. I would be able to go days without eating because I just didn't feel hungry. Then it would catch up on me and I would just binge eat for a day. My weight would fluctuate 5kg in a couple of days. I knew I had to eat, stay fit and get into a healthy routine to manage it.

    Now I just try and eat a healthy diet, stay pretty fit (exercise), try not to drink more than a couple times a week (I'm still young and my drinking habits are just binges on Friday and Saturday night and the odd bottle of wine with dinner) and I still need 10 hours of sleep to feel refreshed. And I take multivitamins which I do think make me feel better.

    Oh and how I got it. Yep its the kissing disease. I was with friends at a Shane StJames show (He's a hypnotist) and one of the people I was with got hypnotised. Anyway he was told that when "Love is in the air" is played he will fall madly in love with the first person he sees and want to kiss them. To cut a long story short he was looking at me. I still feel violated.
  12. It sounds like you're really copping it badly. When I had GF I was out of action for about a month, I was barely able to walk and essentially survived on beroccas and glucose drinks, I had a shocking rash all over my body for weeks which was incredibly painful.

    The worst thing about GF for me actually happened after I recovered and that is the loss of fitness. We regularly used to holiday on the North Coast and I'd spend hours on end in the surf, after GF I couldn't spend more than 20 minutes in the surf without fearing that I'd be too fatigued to get back to shore. While I'm a lot fitter now, ten years later, I still don't think that I have the muscular conditioning that I had before coming down with GF.

    So my advice is recovery, recovery, recovery. When you do finally beat this bastard illness get thee to a gym and start as slowly as you can.

    Best of luck.