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Gladius LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by warnzie, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Can i get someone who has one / ridden one to give me a bit of an idea what they are like! My suzi dealer aint got no lams edition in stock so cant take for a ride. Felt great when i sat on one, seems it suits my stature ect!

    The cb400 was good but im more inclined towards a v-twin, for a few personal taste reasons but can get the cb400 at a great price so very confused8-[

    Both seem like great bike and one big advantage about the cb is that its not restricted, it is how it is which some will disagree with me there but at least i feel like im getting what i should for what i pay for!

    Both dealers reckon they will match each others prices which makes things even harder to decide on. Any opinions and rider experiences with the gladius lams version wuld be great! Will be buying next wk if all goes to plan..woooyeah!!

  2. at the risk of being annoying, if you can get a CB400 at a reasonable price, you'd need a pretty good reason not to get it in my books. I did my LAMS on a Suzuki GS500 and it was great, but nowhere near as refined as the CB. Oh and the last report I looked at indicated that ABS / linked brakes has a noticeable impact on reducing accidents. I can't remember what the Gladius has in that regard, but the CB400 is a very good bike.
  3. Is it fair to compare a GS500 with a Gladius?

    I probably would have gone for the Gladius if I could justify the price tag when I bought my bike.

  4. The LAMS rev limiter on the Gladius will drive you nuts in a very short time. The CB400 revs to the moon and sounds great with a slip on pipe. The CB has much better brakes too.
  5. Really? Was told by suzi sales guy that the lams and full powered bike are practically the same apart from a tad over 6k the power doesnt creep up as fast or heavy as the full powered one...so a shorter rev limiter on the lams one:-s
  6. I've heard as stated above, restrictions on most of the 600+ cc bikes can become frustrating.
    Having them unrestricted later can be both expensive and quite a pain in the ... not to mention requiring to be reregisted.
    Once deristricted, I beleive they can't legally be restricted again which could result in issues if you decided to sell.

    Hense why i chose an unrestricted gs500 and just change the bike if I decided to upgrade later.
  7. Ok, I should have been clearer. It's not so much a rev limiter as the power just disappears over 6000rpm. You can rev it a bit harder in the lower gears, but there's no point because it's got nothing, the acceleration is finished and you need another gear. In the higher gears it wont pull much harder than 6k because there's no power, this limits top end speed.
  8. I got my L's and bought a 2010 Gladius LAMS in Jan. Got my P's on it 3 weeks ago.

    I test rode a Honda VTR 250 and a Kawasaki ER6n-L before buying the Gladius.
    I found the Honda to be a bit gutless, needing a lot more revs to get going and stalled it a few times on my test ride which did nothing for my confidence.
    The Kawasaki was nice and easy to ride but the method used to restrict it felt too intrusive. There is a stop in the twist grip which only allows you to twist the throttle around half way ( probably also one of the easiest restrictors to bypass if you were so inclined ;p ).

    The Gladius I found to be the easiest to ride, the v-twin has plenty of power and enough low-midrange torque to easily forgive learner mistakes like being in the wrong gear or trying to take off from the lights in 2nd (the gear indicator is a bonus in this regard too).
    The bike is restricted through the ecu and you really don't notice it much at all. The bike is still making peak power from ~6500rpm and I haven't noticed much loss of acceleration above that. From what I remember reading, where the normal version would be making peak power at ~8000rpm the restrictor in the ecu flattens the power curve above 6500rpm to keep it in the LAMS range. Most reviews state there is very little difference between the LAMS and unrestricted version.

    All in all I think it's a fantastic learner bike and have no regrets about buying it nor any hesitation recommending it.
  9. good to hear some real life experience rather than n00bs bulsh1tting to other n00bs
  10. I've got the same dilemma but was leaning towards the CB400. Do you think it would be less forgiving, less low-midrange torque than the Gladius?